Bio Fruit Muesli from El Granero Integral is the perfect complement to optimize your diet, and thus your lifestyle. It is a delicious cereal obtained from 100% organic production that offers the opportunity to enjoy foods ​​rich in fibers and minerals. This muesli is composed of crushed cereals, and dehydrated sugar-free fruits.

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    Bio Fruit Muesli from El Granero Integral: an exquisite cereal for eating breakfasts full of fiber and minerals.

    Bio Fruit Muesli from El Granero Integral is made from rich wholewheat flakes and rolled oats. It also incorporates a delicious mixture of apricot and raisins, two succulent dehydrated fruits that take its flavor to a whole new level.

    The composition of Bio Fruit Muesli from El Granero Integral provides your diet with an excellent mineral contribution, among which, the most important are potassium, zinc and magnesium. This product is presented with an unbeatable nutritional profile that makes it the breakfast cereal, but you could eat it as snack, or along with dinner. Be smart! Enjoy a cereal rich in energy and free of pesticides that was produced under the strictest standards of quality.

    It is well known that time is money. For this reason, you should use Bio Fruit Muesli from El Granero Integral to prepare a food with excellent nutritional values ​​quickly and simply. Prepare a rich cereal in record time without neglecting your health. This muesli is a delicious product, but it also a source of nutritional benefits. Take advantage of the benefits of the most sought-after cereal on the market, while saving valuable time and effort.

    Bio Fruit Muesli from El Granero Integral offers a rich and nutritious consumption powered by fruits selected carefully for you to enjoy an incredible palatable experience. Once you try it, you will realize that you can have enough of it, which perfect for your diet, body and quality of life. Accompany this succulent cereal with yogurt, milk, vegetable drinks, or natural juices, but, do not stop there, go on experimenting in order to get the most out of it. Thanks to its generous presentation, it is perfect to store in your home.

    Bio Fruit Muesli from El Granero Integral is the perfect cereal to include into your diet, especially if you want to lose weight. Thanks to its low fat content and special contribution in fiber and minerals, it will keep you satisfied, and thus you will carry out your daily routine without distractions and with a nice taste in your mouth. A cereal that also improves your performance in physical activities, and fills your body with energy, therefore, you can take the lead in whatever you do. In short, it constitutes the best qualities stored only in a single container.

    Facts of Bio Fruit Muesli from El Granero Integral

    • Product of ecological origin.
    • Recommended for vegan diets.
    • Contains wholewheat flakes, rolled oats and dehydrated fruits.
    • Rich in energy.
    • Slightly sweet.
    • Nutritious. 

    Acquire your own Bio Fruit Muesli from El Granero Integral right now and get the wonderful benefits. It is free of additives, artificial substances and preservatives, so you can boost your health with its consumption. An incredible option to share with your family, and abandon harmful eating habits. Indulge yourself with a complete cereal, full of nutritional values, which was enriched with dehydrated fruits for a unique flavor.

    Recommended use: add to a bowl and eat as is, or pour milk, yogurt or natural juices.

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