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Moringa Extract - 60 caps

Moringa Extract from El Granero Integral is a wonderful nutritional supplement based on the properties that the Moringa seed naturally has, among which can be mentioned its unparalleled concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential and non-essential amino acids, its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic properties, among other virtues.

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    Enjoy the amazing benefits offered by "The Miracle Tree" and strengthen the health of your body with this wonderful extract of Moringa that El Granero Integral has made especially for people just like you.

    El Granero Integral always go for making products from 100% natural ingredients that are obtained entirely from organic farming. In this opportunity, it brings, especially for your well-being, a new product extracted from Moringa that constitutes a food supplement with which you can boost in an impressive way the well-being of your whole body, thus you will feel healthy both internally and externally.

    Moringa Extract from El Granero Integral is mainly made from natural seeds of the Moringa tree, resulting to be a food supplement with nutritional properties that beneficial for consumers, because the seeds used to achieve this wonderful supplement are very rich in vitamin A; therefore, it favors the eyesight health, helps in the protection against the cellular oxidation, supports the production of antibodies, promotes bone health, among others; B vitamins, which are necessary for the optimal metabolism of energy, and promoting the health of the brain, the cardiovascular system, hair, nails and skin; and vitamin C, a substance ideal to strengthen the immune system, acts as a cicatrizant, helps in the absorption of iron and to preserve the health of the blood vessels. This incredible food supplement made by El Granero Integral also has a significant amount of zinc, thus helping in the regulation of glucose. For all those properties, the consumption of this great product is special for those people who need to maintain the stability of their blood sugar levels.

    And to top it all off, Moringa Extract from El Granero Integral is also favorable for weight loss because thanks to its incredible concentration of vitamins, this wonderful food supplement supports the acceleration of metabolism, helping the body to synthesize food more quickly and efficiently. It is also very rich in fiber, which favors the control of anxiety to eat, providing a feeling of fullness for longer. In addition to the decrease the absorption of fat by the intestine and allowing the body to burn it more easily.

    Facts of Moringa Extract from El Granero Integral

    • Product made from natural seeds of the Moringa tree.
    • Suitable for sportsmen who want to supplement their diet for weight loss.
    • Convenient for people who want to improve the health of their body overall.
    • Can be consumed by the elderly to improve their cardiovascular health and regulate their blood sugar levels.
    • The production of the ingredients used in its preparation is 100% natural, so it does not cause damage to the ecosystem.
    • This product contains no artificial preservatives or additives. 

    If you need a natural supplement that helps you maintain the well-being of your body, then the amazing Moringa Extract from El Granero Integral is just what you are looking for. With this wonderful product, you will find an easy and natural solution to improve your health. Feel healthy inside and out with the new Moringa Extract that El Granero Integral has put on the market for your well-being.

    Recommended use: as a supplement for a healthy diet, take one (1) or two (2) capsules of a day.

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