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Epsolax Magnesium Salts - 100 g

Epsolax Magnesium Salts from El Granero Integral is a dietary supplement that has been formulated based on Anhydrous Magnesium Sulfate, a mineral derived from Magnesium, also known as Epsom Salt, that has many healing, laxative and depurative properties for the organism. It receives that name after being discovered in wells of water on the city of Epsom in England.

    Epsolax Magnesium Salts from El Granero Integral: the best option to offer an optimum maintenance to your hepatic system and your whole organism. Take care of your health with Epsolax!

    Magnesium salt is a mineral of vital importance for the good execution of all the functions of the organism, as it helps to detoxify the body, offers benefits to the skin, contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system, thus helping to improve sleep and concentration.

    It also has important positive effects for the respiratory system and it is for this reason that El Granero Integral has brought to the market Epsolax Magnesium Salts, a nutritional supplement with which you can take care of the health of your body and find all these benefits in a single container.

    Epsolax Magnesium Salts from El Granero Integral is a healthy product, whose component is well-known for playing an important role as a mild laxative, helping to effectively expel the impurities present in the excretory system, favoring the elimination of harmful microorganisms that are lodged in the intestinal tract, relieves constipation, thus preventing alterations of the normal functioning of the digestive system and, therefore, promoting its optimal operation. This wonderful food supplement also helps to optimize the functions of the liver system by promoting the destruction of small stones that form in the bile and liver, thus helping to cleanse and eliminate toxins and impurities, which is an indispensable process for the good state of health in general.

    Epsolax Magnesium Salts from El Granero Integral can also be used as salts for preparing relaxing and therapeutic baths, offering wonderful benefits to the skin since it can absorb it easily and quickly obtain a smooth texture and a healthy and hydrated appearance, and much more. It promotes muscle and joint health, also helps in the reduction of inflammation due to intense activity, benefits the good functioning of the circulatory system and the state of mind.

    Facts of Epsolax Magnesium Salts from El Granero Integral

    • This wonderful product has been indicated to favor the hepatic process, digestive system, nervous system, among others.
    • Can be consumed orally or used in the preparation of relaxing or therapeutic baths.
    • Product indicated for cleansing the liver, gallbladder, promoting the elimination of agents that are harmful to the body.
    • Has a subtle laxative effect that facilitates evacuation and prevents constipation.
    • Helps in the healthy maintenance of the organism both internally and externally.
    • Can be used to treat skin conditions or sunburns.

    If what you are looking for is a food supplement that help you to keep the health of your whole body in optimal conditions both internally and externally; then, the wonderful Epsolax Magnesium Salts from El Granero Integral is the product you need. Get it now! and enjoy all the benefits that El Granero Integral has concentrated in a single container and brought thinking of you.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, dissolve a teaspoon of Epsolax Magnesium Salts from El Granero Integral in a glass of water and take once a day. As salts for relaxing bath or as a therapeutic product, add four tablespoons in a bath or tub with hot water and enjoy a good time of relaxation.

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