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Bio Dtox (Chlorella and Spirulina) - 200 g

Bio Dtox (Chlorella and Spirulina) from El Granero Integral is a product based on spirulina and chlorella, which can have almost 60% of its weight in proteins and high-quality amino acids. It contains vitamins and minerals, so it enriches your meals with a variety of nutrients, without adding sugars, fats or preservatives, as it is a totally ecological product.

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  • VeganVegan

    Bio Dtox (Chlorella and Spirulina) from El Granero Integral. Nutritious and healthy!

    Bio Dtox (Chlorella and Spirulina) from El Granero Integral contains dehydrated algae, such as chlorella, and spirulina, which is rather a cyanobacteria: a single-celled organism that has chlorophyll and uses the sun, like an alga does, which is why it is known as blue-green algae. As a result, the end consumer obtains a nutritional supplement with great benefits on the immune and circulatory system; beneficial, healthy and of quality.

    The blue color of spirulina is due to a phytonutrient called phycocyanin (blue pigment found in algae) that can strengthen the immune system because it has a huge antioxidant capacity, helping to fight free radicals, elements that in large quantities can cause health problems. It can also improve lipid levels in the blood, eliminating body fat, thus preventing future affections.

    Bio Dtox (Chlorella and Spirulina) from El Granero Integral is rich in essential amino acids, is a great source of vitamin B, essential in the development and proper functioning of the nervous system, including vitamin E, which is important for the fluidization of blood. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and to a greater extent, iron and manganese. Due to its high iron content, it can increase the amount of red cells in the blood, which translates into an improvement in nutrient transport and oxygenation in general. The minerals that it has help power the immune system, avoiding any kind of problems in your body.

    Chlorella is a unicellular alga that also has a large amount of nutrients, for example, more chlorophyll than spirulina, which provides chlorella with a powerful depurative action, especially in the intestinal tract, but can also act on the liver and the blood, eliminating waste and residues from the body, thus improving the ability of the liver to cleanse our body and absorb waste, for subsequent excretion.

    With Chlorella and Spirulina as main components, this product is able to eliminate heavy metals from the body, such as lead, which is extremely harmful, if present in large quantities. Bio Dtox (Chlorella and Spirulina) from El Granero Integral increases the level of red blood cells and, thanks to its completely natural components, it is a product that does not harm your health. This product provides your body with essential nutrients by giving your meals an important contribution of vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins.

    Facts of Bio Dtox (Chlorella and Spirulina) from El Granero Integral:

    • Contains fiber.
    • Has essential vitamins and minerals.
    • Has a variety of essential amino acids (high-quality protein).
    • Contains chlorophyll, improving the immune system and hemoglobin.
    • Has B vitamins, which help the nervous system to function properly.
    • Has a powerful antioxidant power.
    • Presents an incredible depurative action.

    Bio Dtox (Chlorella and Spirulina) from El Granero Integral is a product to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal. Eat healthily and live healthy!

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, consume 20 g (one tablespoon) a day, along with a meal.

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