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Organic Corn Balls with Honey - 200 g

Find the best snack or breakfast can be sometimes a tedious task, if you do not know the name that ideal food, the one that meets with your expectations as to taste and containing all the nutrients your organism needs. But when you know Organic Corn Balls with Honey from El Granero Integral, that search is over and you and your family will receive a lot of benefits.

    Organic Corn Balls with Honey from El Granero Integral is the most delicious cereal that your whole family needs.

    We know that breakfast is most important meal for you, and thus, the one you should enjoy the most, therefore, including Organic Corn Balls with Honey from El Granero Integral in you breakfast can prove to be the best choice you can make in your diet.

    Sweetened with the best nectar from nature and made based on pure and organic ingredients, these delicious organic corn balls have been made to remain in your larder. In addition to be filled with flavor and nutritional properties, these balls are the most suitable product for replacing any cereal difficult to put aside. It is very abundant in benefits because it is a delicious product made using 100% ecological ingredients.

    Now, you enjoy this excellent, wonderful and healthy food supplement that El Granero Integral offers, so you can have all the benefits that you crave so much in your life, obtained from a rich source of B vitamins and essential amino acids, which will allow you to cleanse your organism. Besides, you can have a completely healthy nutrition every day, especially, by including this food as substitute for any cereal without any problems, as it is made using 100% organic ingredients and, of course, always thinking in your well-being.

    In turn, it allows you to absorb all the good of honey, that divine nectar that literally makes the aging to stop, giving your body all the energy and vitality you need to face your daily life, either in long work days or in those activities that require an intense physical effort from you. Include Organic Corn Balls with Honey from El Granero Integral as a substitute for your current source of natural carbohydrates.

    Facts of Organic Corn Balls with Honey from El Granero Integral

    • Every 100 g of this product, you get 5,5 g of proteins.
    • Does not contain sugar or artificial elements.
    • 100% organic and ecological.
    • There is 4 g of fiber per 100 g of product.
    • Very rich in beta carotenes.
    • Perfect for people suffering from nutritional deficit.

    Choose the best snacks and breakfasts for you and the members of your family is a decision that only depends on you, when you go out to buy the best healthy snacks, it is important to remember including Organic Corn Balls with Honey from El Granero Integral in your list, and thus you will enjoy the best mornings ever.

    Recommended use: eat these exquisite corn balls at breakfast, as part of snacks, mixed with vegetable or skimmed milk if you want to change its consistency. Likewise, it can be consumed with any delicious yoghurt or juice.

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