Bio Cocoa with Quinoa from El Granero Integral is a delicious powder drink with an exquisite and unique flavor of cocoa with quinoa. It is ideal for diets or nutritional plans of athletes, since it has a high content of fiber and proteins, which makes it a drink useful as a nutritional supplement, especially, when it comes to taking care of the health. Being free of egg and lactose, it is ideal for anyone who wants to take delight in its flavor.

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Bio Cocoa with Quinoa from El Granero Integral. Take care of your health by taking a delicious drink. 

Bio Cocoa with Quinoa from El Granero Integral is a protein drink that is directed to the area of nutrition, but it does not give up its main function: being a delicious drink to enjoy.

Its chocolate flavor with quinoa (not artificial) is a delight to the palate. It is prepared under the best quality standards and as a result, it is one of the best on the market. It is low in fat and sugar, it has an enormous content of fiber and proteins, which makes it perfect for people leading a healthy lifestyle, but also for anyone who wants to start the practice of medium- or high-performance sports. As it is free of eggs, sugars and lactose, its consumption is not restricted to those who have these restrictions in their daily lives. Made with cocoa powder and quinoa powder, with a high content of nutrients; this drink is excellent to accompany your breakfasts and give a unique and fun finish to any lunch, or snack of the day, even after a long and demanding training routine, this drink is not only able to satisfy your appetite, but also give a lot of pleasure.

In its standard presentation, it is a powder, packaged and sealed in a plastic bottle with removable lid. The company that produces and packages this product has extensive experience in the field of healthy eating, and has a large catalog of products available to the user in its range El Granero. Being an easy product to acquire at excellent prices, it can be found in several market segments, both online sales, and on the shelves of any healthy food establishment. It is a unique product and made under the supervision of an entire administrative chain, so you can be sure that there will be no disappointment with its purchase, and you will not find better or equal on the market.

Facts of Bio Cocoa with Quinoa from El Granero Integral.

  • Low fat content.
  • High in fiber and proteins.
  • Contains carbohydrates.
  • No eggs.
  • Sugar free.
  • Without lactose.

This drink is the best option when looking for something delicious and healthy, not only you will not regret it, but it will be your choice of preference over any other. There are many fitness drinks, but none like this one, which is the only one that as healthy as it is delicious. You only have to buy it to start enjoying and having fun when you feel like it.

Recommended use: this delicious drink based on cocoa and quinoa can be used to make exquisite and healthy smoothies or meringues that you can take during the day, or use it as a snack. Keep in a cool dry place, always tightly closed.

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