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Coarse Textured Soy - 250 g

Coarse Textured Soy from El Granero Integral is a nutritional product that can give a complete turn to the way in which you feed yourself. One is soybean with a special format that is easy to prepare and incorporate to your daily meals.

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    Coarse Textured Soy from El Granero Integral is the ideal form to consume soybeans, easy to prepare and delicious. You have no excuses!

    Coarse Textured Soy from El Granero Integral is a practical and healthy product intended to improve the daily diet. Thus, it has been elaborated with protein of defatted soybeans, and has form of croquettes that can be included in the daily meals easily.

    Firstly, it is enough to soak them previously or to cook them in order to have them ready quickly and then, they will be ready to replace the meats in any type of meals. Moreover, they can act as meatballs in a sauce or can be part of a variable salad. You only must be willing to add them to your dishes and in this way, you will improve lifestyle of yours and of your family, too. In addition, it is the perfect product for vegetarians and vegans who wish to ensure the presence of proteins in their daily meals.

    The soybean is a millenarian food, that has been one of the nutritional bases in Eastern cultures. It is possibly the most complete vegetable, thanks to its properties and nutrients. Morevoer, it is rich in proteins to such point that can replace the presence of meats in the meals. Furthermore, it contains a high amount of essential amino acids that you need to live healthily. The greatest advantage of Coarse Textured Soy from El Granero Integral is that it is easy to prepare. The original bean needs to be exposed to diverse processes that are not easy to carry out in the hectic pace of daily life. This product can be used with ease and in this way to add it to meals immediately.

    Coarse Textured Soy from El Granero Integral provides you with a myriad of nutrients that will improve your quality of life. It contains fiber, essential fatty acids, isoflavones and lecithin. In addition, its consumption prevents the development of numerous discomforts and boosts vitality effectively. If you practice sport it is recommendable to incorporate it to your diet, because it provides you with complex carbohydrates and vegetable proteins, which are two important sources of energy. On the other hand, if it is of your interest to reduce the consumption of meats, which might be healthy but come accompanied with many fats, then this is the nutritional product you need. You can use it easily and will improve the quality of your diet immediately.

    Facts of Coarse Textured Soy from El Granero Integral

    • Contains vegetable proteins.
    • Contaisn complex carbohydrates.
    • Improves your nutrition.
    • Boosts your energy levels.

    Coarse Textured Soy from El Granero Integral is the most accessible way of improving your nutrition. These soybean flour croquettes provide all the benefits of the most complete vegetable. In this way, it incorporates fundamental nutrients easily. You can add them to any dish, replacing meats and without fat content. Last but not least, gain vitality and get a complete recovery without inconvenient fats or lipids. Use them in your daily meals to ensure your required dose of proteins.

    Recommended use: in order to complement your daily meals. Soak to loosen its consistency, boil or cook in a frying pan with other meals such as sauces or pan-fried food.

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