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Bio Chia Seeds - 500 g

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In this opportunity Bio Chia Seeds from El Granero Integral come to your life to fill you with health without having to go on any specific type of diet. This herbaceous plant brings to your health wonderful and pleasant properties. These seeds are very popular when it comes to lose weight, since they produce a feeling of satiety when combined with any type of liquid or recipe.

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    Bio Chia Seeds from El Granero Integral are seeds that prolong your life.

    Throughout the day we forget or ignore those amounts of vitamins that our body needs to keep fit and, most importantly, to have a full health, forgetting the great benefits that plants bring us that nature offers us, which, in addition to providing vitamins and nutrients, also generate a balance and a protective barrier in our immune system.

    Chia or chan is a herbaceous plant of Mayan origin that is synonym with "force". It is very popular among artists and fitness leaders. It is a gluten-free black seed with a surprising amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that provide our body with energy and can be eaten at any time, all that thanks to the simple and easy design that it has.

    Chia seed created in homeopathic laboratories offers a high amount of calcium, much more than that offered by milk, therefore, it can be used as a substitute by anyone intolerant to lactose, and especially by people who consume vegan and gluten-free food. It provides omega 3, helps to have a good digestion and a good state of the intestinal flora for those suffering from constipation, helps us to have a high level of energy, which is very convenient for the day's activities.

    It is a product that also helps us regulate sugar levels and produce a large number of white blood cells, thus creating a protective barrier in our immune system against viruses. It produces a feeling of satiety, since it generates a gel in the stomach, which, in addition to generating a sensation of satiety also absorbs and reduces blood sugar, without removing its original flavor. It also provides vitamins essential for the growth of your hair, this time 100% healthy and strong and for having a fresh, clean skin because it regulates the oiliness in your face.

    Facts of Bio Chia Seeds from El Granero Integral:

    • Proteins (More than any type of vegetable).
    • Vitamins (Convert nutrients into energy).
    • Calcium (Special for people intolerant to lactose and vegans).
    • Antioxidants (They protect us from free radicals, which cause aging).
    • Omega 3 (Protects your body).
    • Magnesium (Protects your immune system).
    • Zinc (Helps fight the flu and the cold).
    • Potassium (Alkalizes the blood).
    • Fibers (Excellent for people suffering from constipation).

    Do not put off any longer leading a full and healthy lifestyle by acquiring Bio Chia Seeds from El Granero Integral and including it into your diet as a food supplement that is ideal to carry at any time, if you consume it daily, you can guarantee a great body that will be well cared for, strong and healthy, getting immediate results both in your lifestyle and body.

    Recommended use: it is an excellent natural food supplement. Take 1 capsule 2 times a day. It can be accompanied with any recipe or drink of your liking, keep it in a fresh place.

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