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Buckwheat Flour Bio - 500 g

Made from buckwheat seeds, it contains greater amounts of nutrients than other cereals, which makes it the best choice for preparing your food, because you will be nourishing your body in a proper and natural way. The best of this, is that any food you prepare with it can be eaten by people suffering from gluten intolerance.

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  • Lactose FreeLactose Free

    Buckwheat Flour Bio from El Granero Integral, the healthy way to prepare food.

    With this buckwheat flour, you can prepare many of your favorite recipes in a very practical way. This excellent ecological product will add to every of your preparations a delicious taste, which your whole family will enjoy every time you use it.

    Buckwheat Flour Bio from El Granero Integral is made from the buckwheat grain. It is ideal for those who want to use only natural ingredients, which were not exposed to artificial elements during its production, with excellent properties, because this type of grain is the perfect combination between cereals and grains, which will provide you with the best benefits of both worlds every day. Any person who eat foods containing this product will get the benefit of a perfect balance in their nutrition. Every time you eat food prepared with this flour you get vitamins and minerals without fear of suffering any kind of side effects as happens to people intolerant to the crustaceans, milk or egg.

    The buckwheat grains used to create this delicious flour are obtained from 100% ecological crops, in which the natural periods of the plant's growth are respected. Another benefit of eating this product is that it brings higher levels of fiber, minerals and vitamins in comparison to other cereals used to prepare flours. This flour is made following strict quality levels that determine its excellent taste, this is due to its processing in which the natural qualities of the ingredients are respected and thus it becomes a product that benefits the nutritional value and quality of any food prepared with it. You can prepare any food that requires a flour, for example, bechamel sauce to dress food, or bake pastries recipes and other baked products.

    It is excellent to be included in the diets of sportsmen with a high consumption of energy, people who require the increase of the amount of phosphorus, selenium or potassium in their body, for example, vegan people.

    Facts of Buckwheat Flour Bio from El Granero Integral.

    • It is the result of crushing seeds of buckwheat grown naturally, respecting its natural development and does not contain artificial substances.
    • Its consumption implies contribution of nutrients to your body.
    • People who are very intolerant to substances, such as lactose and gluten, can eat food prepared with this product without risks.

    Create new dishes, prepare healthy foods, such as a bread with a delicious taste, which will perfectly accompany without problem your dishes with meat, pasta, sauce or vegetables. It will become your favorite choice at the time of preparing meals that require flour, with it you get a unquestioned versatility for cooking and greater benefits for your nutrition.

    Recommended use: you can prepare from the classic bechamel sauce to biscuits, pasta and bread, in combination with other flours depending on what a recipe requires.

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