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Organic Buckwheat from El Granero Integral is a food with a large amount of nutrients and health benefits, which you cannot fail to include in your meals. This pseudo-cereal can offer you a high level of fiber, a large amount of protein and healthy carbohydrates to obtain energy. Enjoy these incredible seeds, with which you can prepare delicious dishes.

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    Organic Buckwheat from El Granero Integral is a great option to make healthy meals with a high level of energy and a delicious flavor. Do not stop using it for cooking!

    Organic Buckwheat from El Granero Integral is a very nutritious food that you should include in your meals. Discover the delicious and new dishes that you can make with this nutritious grain, which allows you to make bread, cookies and many very healthy meals. If you practice sports frequently, buckwheat is perfect for you.

    Organic Buckwheat from El Granero Integral has a complete arrangement of healthy carbohydrates, which are always important to obtain energy, without increasing the level of fats in the body. It also has a high level of proteins, which are also necessary to provide energy, as well as favoring the absorption of proteins, which is vital to gain muscle mass.

    In addition, Organic Buckwheat from El Granero Integral contributes very important vitamins to strengthen the heart health. It is, in fact, the only grain that has such a high level of Vitamin P, a bioflavonoid that reinforces its functioning. It also has B vitamins, vitamin E and Omega 6. When it comes to minerals, this product is very rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and sulfur. It is an excellent food to include in a slimming diet, because it has a large amount of fiber, which regulates the digestive system and promotes weight loss. It works very well to elevate the mood, and provides an excellent framework for meeting nutritional deficiencies.

    There are many advantages to using Organic Buckwheat from El Granero Integral in your daily meals. It is cooked quickly, in 15 minutes it is ready to be added to any meal and has a smooth and very pleasant texture that will delight, even, your children. Regardless of being a grain, you can use it to make cookies or healthy bread. After cooking, you can mix it with other vegetables to a salad, which will have a profoundly satiating effect. For winter meals, you can fry it lightly with potatoes and, even, use it in homemade soups. It is so versatile that you can use it to make creams or varied stews of great flavor.

    Facts of Organic Buckwheat from El Granero Integral

    • Has healthy carbohydrates.
    • Contains a lot of fiber.
    • Provides a high level of proteins.
    • Has a complete arrangement of vitamins and minerals.
    • Its cooking time is very short and has a very nice texture.

    Use Organic Buckwheat from El Granero Integral in your daily meals. It will provide you with energy for the whole day, along with vitamins and minerals very important for health. It also offers proteins of great biological value that are easily absorbed into the body. That's why, you can easily incorporate it into a sports or slimming diet.

    Recommended use: first, wash the grains. Then cook with 2 parts of water per part of grain, over a low heat for 15 minutes.

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