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Brown Flax Seeds from El Granero Integral is a cereal very well-known for the incredible benefits it offers to the digestive system by regularizing intestinal transit, but in reality, this incredible cereal has many other properties that facilitate good maintenance of well-being of the organism in general.

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    Use Brown Flax Seeds from El Granero Integral in the preparation whatever your favorite preparation and you will be surprised with the good results it will bring to your well-being.

    As we may know, flax seeds have important benefits to the health of the intestinal process, but in addition to these benefits, this generous cereal has different properties and active compounds that will help you in improvements the functions carried out by the organs of your body. For this reason, El Granero Integral has added to its Bio line, the amazing product presented herein; which consists of brown flax seeds, considered all over the world as a superfood with which you will undoubtedly achieve the reinforcement of your overall health and in the most natural way.

    In addition, Brown Flax Seeds from El Granero Integral has a substance similar to prostaglandin, which has the power to regulate the function and pressure of the arteries, thus supporting the maximum metabolism of fats, energy and calcium. It also constitutes an incredible source of fiber, more than the other cereals known, which is ideal for supplementing diets for weight loss, discarding "bad" fats and attacking constipation, among other benefits. Moreover, it stands out as the vegetable source with the greatest amount of omega 3 fatty acid, which is why it is very beneficial for the functions of the brain and the cardiovascular system.

    Best of all, you can add Brown Flax Seeds from El Granero Integral to all your favorite recipes. You can incorporate it to the preparation of bread, cookies, cakes, or any dessert of your preference, and also to your salads or homemade masses, consume it whole or ground, and you can also use them in the preparation of cakes and keep all its benefits, even after having been subjected to the high temperatures of your oven.

    Facts of Brown Flax Seeds from El Granero Integral

    • This product is very versatile and easy to incorporate into your diet because you can use it as an ingredient in all your food preparations.
    • Has an important amount of fiber and beneficial fats for the functions of the organism.
    • Helps improve the intestinal flora.
    • Helps regulate the digestive transit.
    • Wonderful antioxidant, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Brown Flax Seeds from El Granero Integral is the perfect food supplement for those who need a natural, easy-to-prepare product to support the functions of your body. Acquire this wonderful product that El Granero Integral offers today and you will quickly notice the improvements in your health.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, you can add Brown Flax Seeds from El Granero Integral to your favorite juices or energy drinks. You can also add it to your salads or use such seeds among your ingredients to make bread, cookies, etc.

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