Brewer's Yeast from El Granero Integral is one of the most recommended products because it is delicious, natural and healthy. In addition, it is a product that will fill you with energy, and thus fighting all kinds of fatigue that might come our way in the day, nourishing and bringing its benefits to our body. It guarantees a silky and shiny hair appearance, a beautiful and smooth skin, among many other niceties.

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By taking Brewer's Yeast from El Granero Integral, you will look very young at all times.

Brewer's Yeast from El Granero Integral is perfect and suitable to be included in our balanced diet. It is composed of vitamin B, which guarantees that our can fight against fatigue, filling us with energy to perform all the activities that we have planned. It also strengthens our hair, providing shine and softness, in addition, our skin will look wonderful.

All its benefits are obtained thanks to the fungus that is naturally found in the skin of certain fruits and also in the beer must. It is an ingredient that can be consumed directly without any problem, it is also wonderful for a correct digestive process since it is very efficiently absorbed by our body. Brewer's Yeast from El Granero Integral is full of certain vitamins that help us to function better, including vitamin B, minerals, including potassium, and even phosphate. Do not worry about your skin, it is perfect for treating acne, the protection of extremely fragile hair and weak nails exposed to being broken under any situation.

Brewer's Yeast from El Granero Integral is ideal to supplement vegan diets. It also guarantees a regular intestinal function at all times; it works as a reinforcement of the immune system. With so many healthy options that we today have at our disposal to take care of our body, surely we had not paid attention to a peculiar ingredient as is brewer's yeast, which, although it is not well known for its medicinal uses, we cannot deny that it is a wonderful and incredible product full of health benefits

Luckily, we will not have to resort to its preparation to enjoy its benefits as El Granero Integral has created the best supplement based on brewer's yeast to make life easier. With this product, you can take advantage of excellent properties regardless of where you are, either at home or in the office, all the properties that this interesting component provides us with are at your fingertips. Definitely, Brewer's Yeast from El Granero Integral has nothing to envy to other food supplements and, best of all, it is made using 100% ecological and natural methods to ensure a truly effective, safe and healthy intake for the full health of our body.

Facts of Brewer's Yeast from El Granero Integral:

  • Created using extracts of brewer's yeast.
  • Fights fatigue and brings vitality to your body.
  • Regenerates and keeps hair, nails and skin healthy.
  • Magnificent source of vitamin B, minerals, including potassium and more.
  • Ensures a correct and efficient digestive transit.
  • Offers a 100% natural and healthy consumption.
  • Ingredients from completely organic agriculture.

We thought that Brewer's Yeast from El Granero Integral was only special to give a rich touch to certain drinks, however, El Granero Integral has changed this perspective with an authentic and healthy food supplement to take advantage of the benefits such as a care ideal for the skin in cases of acne, hair protection, effective digestion, and more.

Recommended use: you can consume this wonderful brewer's yeast three times a day, preferably, with the main meals, always accompanied with a glass of water.

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