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Bio Gluten-free Teff Spread for Bread - 450 g

If you have planned to prepare and enjoy delicious slices of bread, it is essential that you have in your pantry the exquisite Bio Gluten-free Teff Spread for Bread from El Granero Integral, which was made especially for people who are on a 100% healthy diet. It contains seeds of sesame, sunflower and flax.

  • Gluten FreeGluten Free
  • VeganVegan

    If you include Bio Gluten-free Teff Spread for Bread from El Granero Integral in your diet, then you will ensure that your body is well taken care of at all times. 

    Bio Gluten-free Teff Spread for Bread from El Granero Integral is the simplest, healthiest and most nutritious way to prepare delicious sandwiches at home, since it is a rich spread which combines the advantages of teff flour, cornflour, soy, plus a convenient amount of seeds sesame, flax and sunflower, to prepare a sponge dough, shape and make delicious baked bread. In addition, it does not contain gluten, so making healthy bread will not be an impediment.

    Bread is the number one accompaniment of our food, mainly, for how fast and easy it can be eaten, regardless of where we are. Plus, it is often used as a snack. However, it is currently very troublesome and difficult to find healthy options, becoming an impossible task if we take into account current lifestyles. Because of this, El Granero Integral has once again thought about our needs and has created a wonderful bread, which is perfect to lead a healthy lifestyle and be able to be on a balanced diet, without worrying about losing our figure/physique or giving up our usual diet. In addition, it is ideal to prepare it from the comfort of home, obtaining delicious, healthy and hot breads, completely free of gluten.

    You only need to spend a few minutes following the proper procedures for its preparation and that's it! You can enjoy a delicious gluten-free teff bread thanks to the exquisite and healthy properties of this product. You can spread margarine, jam or any other cream of your choice and also take delight in its glorious softness, surprising sponge and exquisite texture. Bio Gluten-free Teff Spread for Bread from El Granero Integral is the flour that will not let you make more excuses when it comes to preparing healthy bread and, best of all, it incorporates all the advantages of teff, corn and soybeans, which are widely known for being super nutritious cereals, low in gluten and magnificently delicious.

    One of its advantages is that teff contains fiber, is high in proteins and also in carbohydrates, which is why many athletes and sportsmen include it in their usual diet. However, anyone who wants to eat healthily can consume it to their liking and preference. On the other hand, but not less important, corn helps the body to function properly because it provides B vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, such as magnesium. Finally, soy is a great source of calcium and proteins, perfect for a balanced diet. So, by now you will be agreeing that this is a wonderful product, right?

    Facts of Bio Gluten-free Teff Spread for Bread from El Granero Integral:

    • Made from teff flour, cornflour, soybeans, as well as seeds of sesame, flax and sunflower.
    • Free of gluten and artificial ingredients.
    • Offers a deliciously natural and healthy consumption.
    • Ideal to prepare and bake delicious bread at home.
    • Simple and quick preparation.
    • Provides a spongy, soft and very exquisite texture.
    • Contributes proteins, minerals and a lot of fiber to our body.
    • Perfect for sportsmen.

    Do not give up the pleasure of eating bread, on the contrary, acquire Bio Gluten-free Teff Spread for Bread from El Granero Integral and dare to bake rich and healthy rolls at home, then take them from the oven, and eat them warm. You should be smart by not overlooking the abundant benefits that this wonderful product offers, which is completely healthy and exquisite. You palate will confirm that this is an ally to enjoy bread like never before.

    Recommended use: add the contents of the pack in 350 ml of water, then include one (1) spoonful of margarine, one (1) egg and a pinch of fresh yeast. Knead and massage with your hands for five (5) minutes until you get a soft consistency. Distribute the dough in a mold and let it rest for forty-five (45) minutes, then bake it for approximately forty (40) minutes. Once ready, cut into slices and eat it own its own or spread to your liking. Enjoy it!

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