Bio Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral is a delicious flour made from spelt with which you can make a great variety of dishes and sauces, using it as is or mixed it with other flours to obtain more convenient textures for making bread, biscuits, or even a delicious bechamel sauce, those and many more products can be made using this excellent flour.

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    • Vegan
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    Bio Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral is a flour with which you can make recipes worthy of the best restaurant.

    This is a delicious flour with which you can make an incomparable variety of recipes and get results that will seem made by the best chef. Thanks to the properties of spelt, you can make the best breads, biscuits, cupcakes and even the best bechamel sauce you will ever taste in your life.

    All the above mentioned is a direct result of taking advantage of the incredible set of properties that you can find in this product. Moreover, as you may be thinking, this flour includes all the properties of such an amazing raw material, so you will enjoy an inexhaustible source of fiber, energy, vitamins, minerals and many more nutrients that fortify a balanced, healthy and magnificently natural diet. This wonderful raw material has ideal properties for all those who love to consume products made from flours without suffering from negative effects of conventional flours. In addition, spelt is lighter and healthier than those and contributes a lot of flavor to whatever is added. To top it all off, as it is well-known Bio Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral grows its own raw material through organic farming, so you will not find a more natural and healthier product, therefore you can be sure that it is free of any synthetic material, commonly used crops, and with which they damage with product quality, apart from the fact that the environment is damaged.

    The most qualified and specialized workforce is responsible for the production of this product, so you will certainly not find anything better on the market, and when it comes to value for money, there is not acceptable alternative. In this company quality is not an option but the rule.

    Facts of Bio Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral

    • Light and thin spelt flour.
    • Made of organic and natural crops obtained from ecological farming.
    • Offers a delicious taste and bready texture when making recipes.
    • Inexhaustible source of fiber, energy, vitamins and minerals.
    • Perfect substitute for wheat flour in a healthy way.
    • Free of preservatives, artificial ingredients or additives.

    If what you are looking for is a healthy and delicious product, look no further, El Granero Integral has what you need ... This will be your new favorite flour and your first and only choice when it comes to high quality, do not wait any longer El Granero Integral has the best flour!

    Recommended use: use as you see fit to prepare the best recipes, such as bread, cakes, pancakes, you can even use it to prepare bechamel, porridge or creams. After first open, keep in a dry and cool place.

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