Loose Organic Cane Sugar Packet from El Granero Integral is the perfect product for you to sweeten in a 100% natural way all your favorite drinks, from the first moment you use this excellent product, you will enjoy all your recipes with an extremely delicious taste that no other product currently provides.

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  • Minimal Price
  • Vegan
  • Lactose Free
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Loose Organic Cane Sugar Packet from El Granero Integral: the sweet flavor for your food.

Loose Organic Cane Sugar Packet from El Granero Integral, thanks to its light packet presentation, will keep its freshness and texture for a much longer time, because you can open each sachet as you need or want to use to sweeten your favorite drinks. So, whether you drink a coffee, prepare a delicious smoothie or want to give a touch of greater sweetness to an appetizer of your preference, you can do it healthily with sugar cane sticks in bulk Bio.

Loose Organic Cane Sugar Packet from El Granero Integral is a product of vegan nature that can be consumed by all people regardless of their diet. This type of sugar of natural origin has been preserved for the most part as a natural product which has not been subjected to industrial processes where the refining of sugar means the addition of artificial substances to change the color and reduce the amount of calories ingested by portion, but in exchange they give our organism artificial elements that can produce side effects on it.

Many of our organs need a certain amount of sugar to function daily. However, in many cases we are looking for a product that not only gives us the sweet taste we are looking for, but at the same time, meets the need we have to take care of other aspects of our body, avoiding the intake of artificial elements that harm us. In this way, this product gives us the opportunity to enjoy a cane sugar of natural origin, that has a delicious sweet taste, plus the properties and benefits of a product that has not been manipulated and that has been respected since the sugar cane was planted on the ground.

Loose Organic Cane Sugar Packet from El Granero Integral is has brown color, which demonstrates its natural origin. In addition, its flavor is less sweet than refined sugar, however, it is very similar to molasses.

Facts of Loose Organic Cane Sugar Packet from El Granero Integral

  • Does not go through any refining process.
  • Does not contain any artificial ingredient.
  • Has ecological origin and the natural development of sugar cane and the procedure to produce sugar have been respected.
  • Its flavor is similar to that of molasses.
  • By coming in sachets, its use is practical and suitable for keeping the product fresh for longer.

Loose Organic Cane Sugar Packet from El Granero Integral will be the sweetener of natural origin that will make your drinks and desserts delicious pleasures that you will enjoy without any extra artificial element added. Improve the flavor of your food, allowing and ensuring the well-being of your body.

Recommended use: you can use it to improve the flavor of your drinks, regardless of their temperature, or to add it to desserts.

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