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Organic Apple Vinegar - 75 cl

Organic Apple Vinegar from El Granero Integral is one of the most versatile food supplements par excellence that can be used in the kitchen. This product is the perfect dressing that you can incorporate into your food if you opt for a fresh, enriching and totally exquisite taste. It offers the exemplary characteristics to make your dishes the most appetizing.

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    Thanks to Organic Apple Vinegar from El Granero Integral, your recipes will go up in level.

    Organic Apple Vinegar from El Granero Integral opens up a world of possibilities to use and make the best recipes you have in mind.

    It is a product obtained from the pressure of apples obtained from organic farms, also fermented by the action of microorganisms. If you are looking for the best results in your meals and not lose the opportunity to leave all your relatives speechless, then do not hesitate to use this high-quality vinegar. Thanks to its incorporation, your dishes will obtain a tasty and authentic seasoning.

    As many know, season food is an indispensable step to ensure the most delicious results. Organic Apple Vinegar from El Granero Integral intensifies the essence of your meals with just a small amount. Make them obtain a nice smell and a flavor that leaves the routine aside. Also, depending on the amount you choose to use, you can greatly boost the original flavor of foods or simply make them reach the point that you consider perfect.

    Undoubtedly, Organic Apple Vinegar from El Granero Integral is a dressing that can do wonders your dishes. It comes entirely from organic production, which means that it is free of flavorings, dairy products and additives. If you plan to use it on your salads, you will be captivated with one of its most exquisite characteristics, which is its high acidity. It also contains substances coming from apples, including minerals, malic acid and mineral salts. It is a product attached to maximum quality, always preserving the fertility of the land through an optimization of natural resources.

    If you are planning an exquisite dinner, you cannot do it without using Organic Apple Vinegar from El Granero Integral. Before what you expect, you will discover a new flavor in your meals that will be impossible not to taste with pleasure. This food supplement has come only to offer the best sensations and take your food to the next level. If you thought that cooking is boring, then it is time to change your mind with this delicious vinegar which also does the heaviest work for you. If you do not have a very well established flavor, you can always season it with this delicious and affordable product.

    Facts of Organic Apple Vinegar from El Granero Integral

    • A vinegar perfect to season dishes.
    • Works wonders as a dressing.
    • Obtained through the pressing of apples.
    • A completely organic product.
    • Improves the flavor of your meals naturally.
    • Free of artificial elements.

    Organic Apple Vinegar from El Granero Integral can be included in all kinds of foods, not just salads. Make your best appetizers to start the week and intensify their flavor with this wonderful product. A vinegar with apple essence that is perfect for dressing all kinds of salads and stews.

    Recommended use: to season or dress salads, stews, purees and other foods that you desire to it.

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