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This product is a must-have in any kitchen because it is an edible grain that offers a large amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Due to its delicious flavour, it is the ideal companion in many meals and can also be eaten by itself, and can even provide the same amount of protein as an egg.

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    Amaranth Bio from El Granero Integral, there is no better source of nutrients.

    A delicious food that can be eaten on its own or accompanied, offers a large amount of essential nutrients and is therefore essential in any kitchen, however it has an incredible taste.

    This grain is known to be the smallest grain existing, although what it does not have in size has it in nutritional value giving the consumer a large amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals essential for the body. In addition, it has an incredible flavour and makes it the ideal companion for rice, soups or legumes. This food is ideal for people who are on vegetarian diets because this food is able to give them the proteins that are restricted. This product is obtained from organic therefore a high nutritional value is obtained. Moreover, in its preparation no synthetic chemical is used so you get a completely pure product for maximum enjoyment and with this the company El Granero Integral fulfills its mission and vision that is to be friendly with the environment and the ecosystem, in addition to promoting healthy and balanced diet.

    The raw material of this product that is obtained from organic crops, which is the perfect way to help protect the planet and all its biodiversity, in turn in this way eco-sustainable crops are possible which allows to keep the price of the product under control, in this way the final consumer obtains this food with supreme quality at low prices.

    The company has extensive experience with this type of products, offering the best quality thanks to its large team of work that supervise and take care of every detail in its products. By complying with strict quality standards this company brings to the market the best products. With a highly trained team of workers this company guarantees that its products are of very high quality.

    Facts of Amaranth Bio from El Granero Integral

    • Contains gluten.
    • Contains soy.
    • 100% pure product.
    • Source of proteins and fiber.
    • Provides vitamins (B6) and minerals (iron and zinc).
    • Made from organic crops.
    • Free of salts and sugars.
    • Free of harmful chemical preservatives.

    The ideal product for any diner, due to its high protein value, and vitamin this product is not only delicious but the one indicated to have good food health. It is ideal for vegetarians because it provides the body with essential proteins. If you are looking value for money, buy from El Granero Integral.

    Recommended use: it is recommended to wash the product before using it, the ideal ratio for its cooking is half a cup of amaranth for two cups of water.

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