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Bio Alcachofera - 120 caps x 350 mg

Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral is a product that uses the dry extract of artichoke obtained from biological farming. It provides a variety of health benefits, closely related to liver function and also has an important depurative and diuretic action, helping to clean the body of waste and harmful substances.

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  • Lactose FreeLactose Free

    Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral. Protect and cleanse your organism!

    Alcachofera is a plant, whose fruit and tender stem is known as artichoke, which can be eaten. Alcachofera is not edible, but can be consumed in infusions and its extract in tablets. The most effective way to take advantage of its benefits. Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral, as its name indicates, has alcachofera as its main component, thus offering all its benefits and advantages.

    Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral is ideal for people who want to improve their health by cleansing their liver and strengthening their immune system. The liver is a purifying organ of the body, its main function is to remove foreign substances, harmful to the body and fats, which in large quantities, would be harmful to the body. If the liver is overloaded with these substances or has reduced its ability to remove them, this would result in moderate health problems, and subsequently, serious ones.

    Luckily, Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral contains cynarin, a substance that increases and improves gastric secretions, that is, improves the digestive system and the intestinal transit. It also helps relieve problems in the gallbladder. In addition, it helps purify and cleanse the liver, eliminating waste and has a diuretic action. Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral contains inulin, a prebiotic that is not digested, but feeds certain intestinal microorganisms that contribute to digestion, absorption of nutrients and resistance to harmful bacteria. In addition, it can help weight loss, as it increases the feeling of fullness, and reduces the excess levels of glucose and fat in the blood.

    Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral contains vitamin B6 and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, iron and magnesium. On top of that, it is medicinal and nutritious. It contains flavonoids, substances responsible for protecting the body against free radicals, which is why they are known as antioxidants. In addition, they help strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral is rich in mucilage (a soluble fiber with a variety of benefits for the body, such as the elimination of fats and sugars in the blood), improves in the intestinal tract, relieving constipation, and has a depurative action.

    Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral is a delicious supplement that will improve your health and will give you results in a short time. Get more energy and enjoy all the benefits that Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral brings for you.

    Facts from Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral

    • Has a powerful depurative action.
    • Has the ability to reduce fat and prevent its accumulation.
    • Helps the expulsion of liquids.
    • Regulates the sugar in the body.
    • Increases the feeling of fullness.
    • Improves the intestinal tract.
    • Cleanses the liver and promotes liver function.

    Bio Alcachofera from El Granero Integral is a natural, healthy and great product for your health!

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, take two (2) or three (3) capsules a day, with meals.

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