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Ajogram - 150 softgels x 695 mg

Ajogram from El Granero Integral is a nutritional supplement for adults who need to control their blood pressure, providing the body with many benefits, in particular to the cardiovascular system, thanks to its 3 powerful components: macerated garlic, olive oil and macerated hawthorn. Components very rich in vitamins, minerals excellent for health.

    Ajogram from El Granero Integral: the best ally of your heart!

    Ajogram is a natural product, designed by El Granero Integral, that with its antibacterial action will help you improve your immune system and, at the same time, it cleanses your bloodstream, thus improving your cardiovascular system.

    Ajogram from El Granero Integral is designed to improve your health, perfect to disinfect your body and improve your immune system. In addition, you can also promote the health of your cardiovascular system, as this wonderful product improves the contraction of the heart muscle and also reduces fat and gets rid of impurities. This product is made of garlic, therefore, it has all its great antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

    Garlic has an incredible amount of nutritional qualities. Feel full of life by taking Ajogram from El Granero Integral, a product that takes care of your body and that of yours. Ajogram from El Granero Integral is the perfect supplement for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy every single moment at its best. Forget about missing a friend's birthday, your training session or any important event for a cold. This product will prevent that and also help you improve your quality of life.

    Ajogram from El Granero Integral is the best way to take care of your heart and make your immune system stronger, a product made by El Granero Integral that also takes excellent care of your respiratory system, thanks to the beneficial properties of garlic. With every softgel you take, you will feel your health improved. This invigorating product is made for those who want to carry out their daily activities without setbacks.

    Give your body the purifying action that Ajogram from El Granero Integral offers and start to notice how good you are going to feel. If you are one of the people who love to be healthy and care about their well-being, this product is made for you. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment, Ajogram from El Granero Integral takes care of you while you do it.

    Have your body in its peak conditions by taking Ajogram from El Granero Integral, a product that will help you sleep better and take advantage of the benefits, thanks to 100% natural ingredients, which will improve every aspect of your body. If you are affected by those annoying problems caused by environmental impurities, then it is time to counterattack with Ajogram from El Granero Integral to eliminate those conditions immediately. Take care of your body and help your body to take care of its immune system with this excellent product that is easily absorbed and excellent to maintain the stability of your body.

    Avoid any type of cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory affections thanks to the great properties of garlic. Ajogram from El Granero Integral is more than a nutritional supplement, it is more than a medicine, without a doubt, it is your best ally to live without limits or worries.

    Facts of Ajogram from El Granero Integral

    • Antioxidant.
    • Cardiovascular protection.
    • Fortifies the immune system.
    • Natural antibiotic.
    • Regulates fat in the blood.

    Ajogram from El Granero Integral is a very effective food supplement to fight diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is composed of 3 completely natural active agents, which give us enough security to entrust our health to El Granero Integral, which has made an effort to bring the best products to our homes. Remember that when it comes to the heart, Ajogram from El Granero Integral is your best choice.

    Recommended use: it is a product that is contained in capsules. It is recommended to consume as a dietary supplement, take 2 doses, of 3 softgels, a day, with plenty of water. It is important not to exceed the recommended daily dose and also keep the product in a cool place and out of the reach of children.

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