El Granero Integral

El Granero Integral is a brand that manufactures and distributes food and food supplements that are environmentally friendly and made naturally, free of chemicals and foreign substances. At El Granero Integral, there are experts in dry, refrigerated and frozen food. El Granero Integral is a brand recognized among athletes for its healthy products, which contribute to better nutrition and sports performance.


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El Granero Integral: healthy and organic food.

El Granero Integral was founded in the 1980s and its goal was to provide people with those products that were impossible to obtain: healthy, eco-friendly and without any harmful substance. As a result, products destined to those people interested in going on a healthy and organic diet. From this desire to make food products without using pesticides or harmful chemicals, Biogran began to design them, starting with cereals, and culminating in their best brand: El Granero Integral.

With the consumer satisfaction always in mind, Biogran created El Granero Integral to distribute healthy and environmentally friendly foods that contribute greatly to their lifestyle and nutrition.

Goal, ethics and quality assured, El Granero Integral and Biogran have always hired the best experts in organic food and high-performance nutritional supplements. Its main goal is to provide their consumers with a balanced and eco-friendly diet, so that you can eat at ease and with the nutrients you need without harming the environment. They are experts in the distribution of dry, refrigerated and frozen products. Experts in what they do and reliable in their work, El Granero Integral is one of the most recognized brands on the market of healthy food for its wide range of high-quality products.

Such is the commitment of El Granero Integral and Biogran with the quality of the products and with its consumers that have been selected as the recipient of the IFS certification, that is, the International Food Standards, this certificate verifies that each and every product of the company being evaluated (in this case, El Granero Integral and Biogran) goes through exhaustive tests and quality control during all its development phases, in order to fit and fulfill what the end user needs and wants. This certificate also proves that the company guarantees a safe supply free of contaminating or harmful agents, so consuming its products is completely safe and is recognized worldwide.

El Granero Integral and Biogran are brands that are recognized even by elite athletes who seek to go on a healthy diet that contributes to their training and daily physical activities. In addition, they are in favor of the protection of the environment, for that reason, they only produce 100% natural foods.

El Granero Integral has put on the market lots of products. All of them represent quality, natural composition, protection to the environment and, of course, to the consumers. It is not surprise when people from all over the world, in special athletes and sportsmen, say that El Granero Integral is a producer that contributes a lot to their lifestyle, training and goals. All that and more, it is what you get from a brand that only uses organic components in its products.