Yellow Soybeans - 500g

Yellow Soybeans from Ecosana is a legume that has a high content of proteins and minerals, and also provides slow-acting carbohydrates, nucleic acids, fatty acids and vitamins A, C and those of the group B. It is a recommended food to be included in vegan food regimes to replace the meat. It promotes the cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems.

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    Yellow Soybeans from Ecosana, high amounts of vegetable proteins making it ideal for inclusion in diets.

    Yellow Soybeans from Ecosana comes from an ecological crop and has various properties that nourish and benefit the human body. This legume is rich in proteins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, iodine, slow absorption carbohydrates, nucleic acids and vitamins A, C and those of the group B. It is advisable for vegans, people who want to enrich their menu by raising the nutritional value of their meals and for women with menopause or premenstrual syndrome, since its content in isoflavones reduces the symptoms of swelling and irritability. It may contain certain allergens such as gluten, nuts, soy and sesame.

    Soy is a delicious legume from Asia and compared to other foods of the same group it has the highest amount of fatty acids (omega-6, omega-9 and omega-3), protein and essential amino acids. Its consumption benefits the bones, cardiovascular system, stabilizes blood glucose levels, promotes the immune system, detoxifies the liver, avoids constipation, contributes to good memory, serves as a mild diuretic, is a great substitute for meat making it ideal for people leading vegetarian diets. Ingesting this legume regularly helps prevent and relieve osteoporosis, cancer, menopause, diabetes, menstrual pain and high blood pressure. You can prepare grains of the nutritious Yellow Soybeans from Ecosana as stews, creams, soups or you can also add them in salads.

    If you want to cook Yellow Soybeans from Ecosana, you must place it in a bowl, cover it with water and with a sieve pass the soybean to another container to remove the residues. Cover with water again, cover the bowl and leave the soybeans soaking for 8 to 12 hours at room temperature. Then drain, rinse, place in large pot and cover with water. Bring the water to a boil and lower the temperature to simmer. Cook the soybeans for 2 to 3 hours, drain and serve. Each 100 g of Yellow Soybeans provides 505 Kcal to your body, 20.86 g of carbohydrates, 19.94 g of fat, 416 g of fiber and 3 g of protein. One packet of this products contains 500 g. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used for the cultivation of this delicious vegetable. Enjoy the benefits of the nutritious and delicious Yellow Soybeans from Ecosana.

    Facts of Yellow Soybeans from Ecosana

    • Contains more protein than other legumes.
    • Provides minerals.
    • It has antioxidant effects.
    • Benefits the immune system.
    • Avoids liquid retention.

    Include in your menu various dishes with Yellow Soybeans from Ecosana to nourish your body naturally. Ideal to always have it in the kitchen and make daily meals with the use of this.

    Recommended Use: Yellow Soybeans can be eaten in soups, creams or added to your favorite dishes.

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    • 06/22/2017

    Bonne qualité même si le paquet est arrivé ouvert pour cause de négligence dans la préparation du colis

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