Whole wheat meal - 1kg

Whole wheat meal from Ecosana is a product made from whole wheat meal with wheat from organic crops, free of pesticides, preservatives, chemical additives and genetically modified organisms, thus contributing more fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than refined flour, being a healthy alternative to this.

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    Whole wheat meal from Ecosana, ideal source of fiber for the body.

    Wheat is the name given to the set of cereals, grown and wild, belonging to the Triticum genus, which are annual plants of the family of grasses, widely cultivated throughout the world, this word designates both the plant and its edible seeds, as is the case with the names of other cereals, it should be noted that this cereal is one of the three grains most widely produced globally, together with maize and rice, in addition, the wheat grain is used to make flour, whole wheat meal, semolina, beer and a large quantity and variety of food products.

    There are differences between the whole wheat meal and the refined or white wheat, for example, whole wheat meal is obtained when the whole wheat grains are ground, that is, next to their husk, so that it can be more edible and better digested, also has a toasted color and you can make all kinds of food with it, such as breads, pastas, cookies or tortillas, because of this, when consuming whole wheat meal we give our body fibers, vitamins B and E, fatty acids, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc and manganese, in addition, that it does not contain a high glycemic index, in this way a longer satiety is obtained and avoid excess glucose or blood insulin.

    Refined flour is created by removing wheat bran and germ, used for a large number of preparations that are consumed or sold daily, such as cakes, pastries, biscuits and breads, the popularity of it is due to that durability, its homogenous color and is more profitable for sale, nutritionally speaking, refined flour is more than all starch, high calorie carbohydrates, very little fiber and micronutrients. Wheat from organic crops is used for the production of Whole wheat meal from Ecosana, thus ensuring that the plant is grown completely free of pesticides, preservatives, chemical additives and genetically modified organisms, thus ensuring the quality of all nutrients.

    Facts of Whole wheat meal from Ecosana

    • 100% Whole Wheat Meal.
    • Coming from organic farming.
    • Free from pesticides, preservatives and genetically modified organisms.
    • Great source of fiber.
    • Contains vitamins and minerals.
    • More essential fatty acids than refined flour.
    • Product of great versatility.
    • Attractive container.

    Whole wheat meal from Ecosana is ideal for all those who want to use a healthy alternative to refined white flour, in addition, contains more fiber, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than this, being an ideal option for those looking for a diet to lose weight.

    Recommended Use: use as an alternative to refined wheat flour.

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