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Whole Oatmeal - 500g

Whole Oatmeal from Eco Sana is a rich nutritional supplement that you can use to prepare delicious oatmeal recipes, both salty and sweet. This exquisite flour is as easy to use as any conventional wheat flour. Feel the versatility and exquisiteness in your meals, improve your digestion in every dish you prepare.

    Harina de Avena Integral, ideal to feed you in a healthy and delicious way, thus achieving a perfect balance between your body, mind and health.

    Whole Oatmeal based on Flakes of Oats has become an essential product in our homes thanks to its versatility in delicious and healthy preparations and the great amount of benefits that its consumption contributes to our organism. Due to its high fiber content and complex carbohydrates, this fantastic food product has become the ideal ally for athletes, as it significantly elevates the energy levels in our body, directly affecting the physical performance of each athlete.

    Whole Oatmeal from Eco Sana is rich in vitamins A and E, phosphorus, iron, protein, antioxidants and amino acids also helps stabilize cholesterol levels in the body, prevents and counteracts the condition of Diabetes, improves the functioning of the digestive system and regulates metabolism, essential for the elimination of naturally accumulated toxins and fat, so it is consistently used and recommended by specialists in the field of nutrition for its implementation in dietary methods for weight loss.

    Innumerable are the preparations based on Whole Oatmeal from Eco Sana that you can prepare for the enjoyment of the whole family without worrying about the high caloric contents that contain similar foods based on conventional flour. From oatmeal to exquisite desserts such as pies, cakes and cookies can be prepared with this great product and can be ingested without any remorse by athletes and fans for sports training, people dedicated to the care of their physical condition, people under dietary regimes, as well as for the smallest of the house.

    Facts of Whole Oatmeal from Eco Sana

    • Versatility at the time of use in the kitchen.
    • Helps lower LDL cholesterol levels without affecting HDL cholesterol levels.
    • Extraordinary source of energy, suitable for athletes.
    • Improves digestion.
    • Fights the disease of Diabetes.
    • Contributes to proper oxygenation and to the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.
    • Rich in essential vitamins, phosphorus, iron, fiber and other components that improve the functioning of our organism.
    • Helps purify the body of toxins.
    • Improves cardiovascular functions and reduces the chances of suffering from heart-related conditions.
    • Ideal for nutritional plans and procedures for weight loss.

    Whole Oatmeal from Eco Sana is widely recommended by medical experts thanks to its benefits, they recommend the intake of fiber (main component of Whole Oatmeal) between 20 and 35 grams per day to stabilize blood sugar levels and improve the performance of our body at the time of performing our daily workout routines.

    Recommended use: As a food supplement, use to prepare oatmeal, cakes, cookies and all kinds of desserts. It can also be used as a base for other recipes of your favorite foods.

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    hay que añadir claras de huevo para hacer tortitas?
    2018-03-11 01:43:03 oscar luis martin pariente
    Buenos dias, si claro , tortitas o para un bizcocho. gracias un saludo
    2018-03-12 09:55:27 Joel
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