Wholemeal Muffins - 330g

Wholemeal Muffins from Ecosana, in 350 g packets, is made from wholemeal wheat flour, pasteurized eggs and natural sugar. Each packet contains 8 of these desserts for a total of 350 grams. Without ideals to complete the diet of the athletes, they serve as desserts and complement the demanding diets.

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    Wholemeal Muffins from Ecosana, delicious and nutritious wholemeal snacks ideal for maintaining the figure.

    Wholemeal Muffins from Ecosana is offered to the public in a packet of 350 grams. It is a small traditional European muffin, shaped like a small cake or bread. Without being very delicious and they are an excellent dessert. However, this product is a 100% wholemeal, healthy and avoids obesity. A serving offers a total of 316Kcal and contains a total of eight muffins. In addition, they are made with wholemeal wheat flour, pasteurized egg, sunflower oil and cane sugar. It is a very healthy recipe that does not generate fat problems or excessive carbohydrates. The intention of Wholemeal Muffins from Ecosana is to be a delicious meal for those who carry out physical activities, a substitute for traditional desserts and a food as delicious as nutritious. In addition, it is perfect for the whole family: children, adults and elderly people.

    The search for small desserts to accompany the diet of athletes has been constant for some time. It is worth saying that this type of food serves as an incentive to endure tough exercise routines and to cope with the strict diets required by those who engage in high intensity physical activity. For this reason, products such as the Wholemeal Muffins from Ecosana have been created. Its taste is exquisite, in addition to that the ingredients of its recipe are totally natural and low in fat content. The flour used is corn's. The eggs that condense the dough are pasteurized, that is, its fat content has been minimized to avoid possible cholesterol problems. Likewise, sugar is an integral type to reduce the impact of the amount of calories that can eventually become lipids. All these characteristics make it a perfect snack: healthy, integral, natural and antiobesity.

    Facts of Wholemeal Muffins from Ecosana

    • Sold in a packet of 350 grams
    • Each packet contains 8 cupcakes
    • Made with wholemeal wheat flour
    • Pasta with pasteurized eggs
    • Made with whole grains
    • 316Kcal per packet
    • Excellent flavor
    • 100% healthy and natural

    Wholemeal Muffins from Ecosana are the ideal dessert and prize for the athletes who perform exercise routines and undergo to strict diets. After so much effort, there is no better reward than tasting this product. In addition, they are 100% natural and have few fats and calories. No doubt, they are a complement to the training routine.

    Recommended Use: eat one or two muffins after each meal, as a dessert. Also, at breakfast with natural juice.

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