Long Brown Rice - 500g

This is a long-grain brown rice product whose grain is finer and longer than the others. It maintains the nutrients and vitamins due to the conservation of the shell, rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is high in carbohydrate content progressively releasing energy. It is also rich in fiber that can lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

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    Long Brown Rice from Ecosana contains a high variety of vitamins and minerals.

    Long Brown Rice from Ecosana is a long and fine grain. This rice is commonly drier than usual and thanks to this at the time of preparation it is looser, faster to cook and with an incomparable flavor.

    Long Brown Rice from Ecosana has a high and unique nutritional value. Its high content of minerals (iron and calcium) and vitamins (B and D) are essential since our body is not able to produce them by itself, but requires the help of foods consumed every day. Therefore, this product gives you these minerals and vitamins naturally because it comes from organic farming. This product is high energy source as it is rich in carbohydrates acting as a kind of fuel for our body. Its composition of carbohydrates are very slow in decomposing therefore we always have that touch of energy that is indispensable in our body.

    It also contains starch; which produces glucose slowly which, does not allow the accumulation of insulin in the blood or glucose, offering well-being to health. It can also be consumed by people suffering from diabetes since it is low in carbohydrates compared to other foods that contain this substance. Thanks to the fiber contained in  Long Brown Rice from Ecosana, it improves the intestinal flora, giving you a better digestion, which for some people is usually a nightmare. It is low in fat, being a healthy food for the heart and to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

    Facts of Long Brown Rice from Ecosana

    • High nutritional content.
    • Variety of vitamin and minerals.
    • Can be used for multiple dishes while preserving its nutritional content
    • Comes from organic farming.
    • 100% natural and free of colorings or harmful chemicals.
    • Mainly contains carbohydrates that decompose slowly inside the body, being easy to digest it.
    • Its percentage in fiber helps reduce digestive problems.
    • Contributes to the blood sugar levels.

    Usually, people tend to consume rice that does not usually conserve nutrients, proteins, minerals and vitamins as they go through a process that contain chemicals that affect our body or colorings to give a better appearance to the food. But, despite its appearance is very prominent is not healthy. For this we recommend Long Brown Rice from Ecosana which comes from organic farming that allows you to conserve all the nutrients that your body needs because it is 100% natural. And most importantly, it is low in fat.

    Recommended Use: it should be cooked in a pot with water. For each cup of Long Brown Rice from Ecosana, add two of water. Leave to cook about 35 minutes. It is recommended to consume two days a week.

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