Whole Cous Cous - 400g

Whole Couscous from Ecosana is a product made from wheat semolina, from which the couscous is extracted by grinding, it contributes a lot of fiber, proteins, trace elements, vitamins and essential fatty acids, besides being completely free of pesticides, additives, preservatives and genetically modified organisms.

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    Whole Couscous from Ecosana: product rich in fibers, proteins and linoleic acids.

    Couscous is a traditional dish made from wheat semolina, couscous grains are obtained by grinding the wheat semolina without turning them into flour, these grains are cooked and swelled by increasing its diameter up to a millimeter, it could be considered as the main dish in many of the villages in North Africa, and some families cook it daily.

    Being based on wheat semolina contains all its nutrients, that is, it contains large amounts of fiber (which helps intestinal transit and prevent constipation) and antioxidants. It is low in fat (most of its fat content is in the form of linoleic essential fatty acid), sugar and cholesterol, which helps protect our heart from diseases, also contains vitamins B, E and K (present in couscous), which helps our body circulation, vitamin E helps to have a healthy skin and hair and also strong nails, it also contains important minerals that help the body to function optimally: iron, zinc and magnesium, which help improve the health of the cardiovascular system. Whole Couscous from Ecosana comes from organic farming, that is to say, it ensures that pesticides, additives, preservatives or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not used because these harm the environment and consequently the product, bringing to your table all the nutrients without negatively impacting the world.

    Facts of Whole Couscous from Ecosana

    • Natural origin.
    • Coming from organic farming.
    • Free of pesticides, additives, preservatives and GMOs.
    • Rich in fiber, protein and linoleic acids.
    • Contains Vitamins (Group B, E and K) and Minerals (iron, zinc and magnesium).
    • Low in fats and sugars.
    • Helps regulate cholesterol in the blood.
    • Helps intestinal transit, preventing constipation.
    • Ideal for people with diabetes.
    • Very versatile food in the kitchen.

    Whole Couscous from Ecosana is ideal for those who love couscous and those who want to try a new cuisine, besides, it is very healthy because of its low content of saturated fats and sugar (making it ideal for people with diabetes), contain lots of B vitamins and essential minerals, and being rich in fibers and proteins, is also a product of organic farming, which makes it a product free of pesticides, additives, preservatives and GMOs.

    Recommended Use: to consume it, it is only necessary to heat to two parts of water or broth the point of boiling and pour on it a part of couscous and let stand a few minutes, in addition, it can be mixed with vegetables or meat.

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