Dry nuts feed our body but Ecosana's are from organic farming which sets them apart from others as they retain its nutrients in a 100% natural way and thus giving your body a healthy lifestyle. This product prevents a series of diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, stress, among others).

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Walnuts from Ecosana, ideal for lowering cholesterol in the blood and improving heart health.

Walnuts from Ecosana is a dry fruit that has a 100% natural nutritional profile from organic farming. In this we can find great variety of benefits and properties that promote the well-being of our organism. One of them benefits men and women in a great sense since, they are able to reduce the risk of cancer in the prostate and breast. Also, heart health is important to live daily, so Walnuts from Ecosana help people suffering from cardiovascular problems thanks to its content of the amino acid l-arginine (improves blood flow in the arteries). It should be noted that its content in essential antioxidants and uncommon in other foods which allows the control of premature aging.

Nuts reduce inflammation without causing weight gain. This Ecosana's product contains fats called omega 3, which helps with inflammation, lowers cholesterol and insulin levels in the blood and is ideal for people with diabetes and eliminates blood clots preventing a heart attack. Adding Walnuts from Ecosana to food, especially that of men significantly improves their reproductive health. On the other hand, it helps maintain the ideal weight for an extended time. Apart from all the components explained above, walnuts are also made up of vitamin E, so it gives you mental health by reducing stress levels and improving cognitive function.

Facts of Walnuts from Ecosana

  • Gives health to the heart.
  • It is a food that can be incorporated into the usual diets.
  • It is the dry fruit that contains more antioxidants, preventing your cells from being damaged.
  • Promotes mental health thanks to the work of all its nutrients.
  • Prevents breast and prostate cancer.
  • Provides energy thanks to its carbohydrate content.
  • Delays the aging process.
  • Reduces cholesterol level in blood.
  • Provides great properties to avoid cardiovascular diseases.
  • Contains good fats (omega 3).
  • Suitable for diabetic people.

There is a variety of content that our body needs to feel healthy. Walnuts from Ecosana are a food that provides proteins, minerals and vitamins essential for the body but, that is not the surprising feature of these nuts but it is the only food that has a lot of antioxidants and omega 3 of vegetable origin, which are important for the human being. Consuming these nuts daily will lead to a healthier lifestyle preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Recommended use: it is advisable to consume at least 7 Walnuts from Ecosana a day to obtain the full potential offered in this product benefiting the health of the organism.

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