Textured Soy from Ecosana is the perfect alternative to consume the best protein of vegetable origin, with the main advantage that it does not contribute fats and provides a high nutritional value to a healthy and balanced diet. It has a production based on organic farming to provide a 100% natural and artisanal food.

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    Textured Soy from Ecosana, the best vegetable protein for a natural, nutritious and 100% healthy diet.

    Textured Soy from Ecosana is a 100% natural food that provides the best vegetable protein from organic farming. Incorporating a serving to the daily intake provides excellent nutritional value without fat or cholesterol, in addition, we can find an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber for a healthy and balanced diet. For those who did not know it, soybeans belong to the legume family, and in general, it is the food that has the highest protein content in the vegetable kingdom. In that sense, Textured Soy from Ecosana stands out for being a source of protein derived from soy, being thus, an ideal and healthy alternative unlike products of animal origin.

    Textured Soy from Ecosana has the same texture and a flavor similar to a steak, with the only difference being that it is easily assimilated thanks to its vegetal composition and does not contribute fats. Textured Soy from Ecosana is found in the form of small pieces or spongy-looking balls which, when cooked, increase in size and become more tender to people's palates. When grilling, fried or stew explodes a great flavor and aroma, nothing to envy to meat of animal origin. Ecosana provides a line of food from organic farming, in this case, the best Textured Soy, which is free of additives, preservatives or harmful ingredients for the correct operation of the body. Best of all, it is a product that is 100% handmade and totally respectful of the environment. Textured Soy from Ecosana is also known as soybean, that is, pure protein from organic farming, which is subjected to a process of pressure, texturing and dehydration to provide a ground food and suitable to incorporate as a substitute meat to vegan recipes, such as hamburgers, salads, desserts, etc.

    Facts of Textured Soy from Ecosana

    • The best vegetable protein from organic farming
    • Low-fat and low-cholesterol animal meat substitutes
    • Soft and tender texture at the time of eating
    • Delicious meaty flavor of vegetable origin
    • Ideal for vegetarian or vegan diets
    • Comfortable packet of 150 g to enjoy the best protein food

    Proteins are essential in food, however, for vegan or vegetarian diets consumption becomes a bit complicated since most of the protein products are of animal origin. The good news is that Textured Soy from Ecosana is a perfect vegetable alternative, without fat and with great nutritional contribution.  

    Recommended Use: leave 150 g of Textured Soy from Ecosana in a bowl of water about 15 or 20 minutes. Then simmer until moisturized. It can be used as a stew, add to vegetable broths, salads, etc.

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