Sunflower seeds - 250g

Sunflower seeds from Ecosana comes in packets of 250 grams. These seeds are, among all nuts, the most rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E and B-complex vitamins. In addition, they also provide minerals such as iron, ideal to fight anemia in case of suffering.

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    Sunflower seeds from Ecosana, ideal for controlling blood cholesterol.

    Sunflower seeds from Ecosana, in packets of 250 g commercialized by Ecosana, are seeds taken from ecological farms, free of any chemical contaminants. These seeds, better known by many as "pipes" are very tasty nuts and also very nutritious. In fact, several studies have verified that these simple seeds contain much more vitamin E than the rest of dry fruits distributed in the market. The main advantage of sunflower seeds is that they help combat the effect of aging, since antioxidants will protect you for longer from the degenerative effect of free radicals.

    Sunflower seeds distributed by Ecosana, like the rest of its natural products, have been harvested in ecological farms, without the intervention of pesticides or some other strange agent that can do damage to the body of the people with the passage of time. It is always advisable to eat nuts between meals. These seeds often contain high levels of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and fiber, which perform an excellent function keeping our bodies healthy and without any vitamin or mineral deficiency.

    Facts of Sunflower seeds from Ecosana

    • Controls blood cholesterol levels.
    • Rich in antioxidants like vitamin E, as useful for fighting aging and degenerative diseases as cancer.
    • Improves constipation problems.
    • Conveys a pleasant feeling of satiety.
    • Contributes to weight loss in special diet regimens.
    • Depurative effect of the organism.
    • A very important source of iron and other minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
    • Contributes cholesterol-free fats.
    • Good protein levels and a lower proportion of carbohydrates.

    Sunflower seeds from Ecosana are an extremely healthy product that you should not miss. Simple as they seem, these seeds are capable of providing many antioxidants and nutrients that will protect you from the harmful effects of time. An excellent idea is that you include them in the diet of your children as sandwiches. Because of its high level of iron, it is very useful when you suffer from anemia. However, what stands out most of this seed is its impressive levels of vitamin E, which together with the B vitamins, function as a protective shield that keeps the youth of the body for longer.

    Recommended Use: Sunflower Seeds, like any other dry fruit, can be eaten as a snack or you can also include them in some recipes such as home-made wholemeal breads, oatmeal cakes, along with salads, desserts and yogurts. And whatever you can think of can be fine if you include these fabulous seeds. The more you consume them, the better.

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