Stevia from Ecosana is a liquid sweetener in a container of 50ml, which can be added in drinks, desserts or meals by means of drops, and that does not affect the health of the organism since its main characteristic is that it does not contain calories therefore, it can be ingested by people suffering from diabetes. It also offers many benefits such as prevention of premature aging and dental plaque avoidance.

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    Stevia from Ecosana, ideal for sweetening your meals naturally.

    Stevia is a small shrub whose leaves are sweet and has therapeutic properties. Stevia from Ecosana is a liquid sweetener that sweeten 100 times more than the sugar we commonly used, but the difference of this product is that it contains no calories. It is ideal for those people who want to maintain or control their weight and also for those who are diabetic. It is very used because it reduces the calories in your body but still you can feel that sweet flavor without causing damage to the body respecting and taking care of the glucose and insulin levels.

    In Stevia leaves are 11 sweet components called steviol glycosides, but the most prominent in this product is rebaudioside. Studies have proven that Stevia from Ecosana helps reduce postprandial insulin levels in the body compared to other products that are artificial sweeteners. Stevia from Ecosana can be used for both cooking and baking, only you should reduce the amount as it is more powerful than the normal sugar, and you can rest easy as your meals are not going to caramelize. Also, this product has considerable antibacterial properties, especially eliminating bacteria that are transmitted through food; It is also a source of natural antioxidant preventing cells from oxidizing and ultimately reducing dental plaque.

    Facts of Stevia from Ecosana

    • Natural sweetener.
    • Calorie-free product.
    • Contains rebaudioside, being two hundred times sweeter than sugar.
    • Antioxidant properties.
    • Reduces dental plaque.
    • Eliminates bacteria that are transmitted through food.
    • No negative effects on the body.
    • Helps weight loss.
    • Coming from organic farming.
    • Reduces insulin levels.
    • When added to meals that will be baked or cooked will not be caramelized.
    • Suitable for diabetic people.

    Every day we consume sugar that damages our body, but there is a better way to sweeten that coffee, tea and shake every morning, Stevia from Ecosana, just add a few drops of this product. And even more important, it is calorie-free and can be included in any usual diet, it is a product made from the stevia leaf, being sweeter than the sugar we commonly consume but naturally without causing further blood damage, rather it reduces cholesterol levels, prevents dental plaque and possesses antioxidant properties.

    Recommended Use: you must add drops Stevia from Ecosana in juices, coffee, tea and other drinks, desserts or foods. It should be noted that 5 to 10 drops equals one tablespoon of sugar.

    Reviews Stevia - 50ml

    • 10/07/2017

    Buen sabor.

      2018-02-05 14:57:47
      Qué porcentaje de stevia viene en este edulcorante (stevia 50ml ecosana) ??
      2018-02-06 10:29:03
      Hola puede ver el etiquetado mas abajo en la web.Ingredientes Agua, extracto de stevia (rebaudioside a al 60%)*, glicerina, ácido málico y sorbato potásico
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