Pumpkin Seed from Ecosana is a product from organic farming that helps to strengthen bones, lower cholesterol levels, combat sleep and fatigue, solve digestive problems and ideal for men with problems in the prostate. It contains a variety of vitamins and proteins.

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    Pumpkin Seed from Ecosana, ideal for giving the body fibers, proteins and minerals.

    Pumpkin Seed from Ecosana is a natural food that has healing properties. It is recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis. In addition, it helps problems with urine or prostate, lowers blood cholesterol, works as an antidepressant, fights intestinal parasites and helps to solve problems of sleep and anxiety.

    The main ingredient of this product are pumpkin seeds, suitable to its name. It is green due to its chlorophyll content, and its taste is delicious. It is high in fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals, such as: zinc (supports the immune system), potassium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium (benefits cardiac health). Pumpkin Seed from Ecosana is a food considered important for men, since the zinc content, unpredictable for the healthy maintenance of the prostate. Also, people who have mineral deficiencies come through flu or other colds, fatigue, depression, acne, and learning problems.

    Facts of Pumpkin Seed from Ecosana

    • The zinc content in this product causes delayed deterioration of the amount of mineral in the bones, thus preventing osteoporosis.
    • Combats intestinal worms.
    • Important source of omega 6 (healthy fats)
    • Works as anti-inflammatory during menstruation.
    • Important benefits to the circulatory system.
    • Practical container with a net content of 250 grams.
    • Stands out because of its composition in fiber, proteins and minerals.
    • Contains no other ingredients, only pumpkin seeds.
    • Rich in antioxidant properties, thanks to its chlorophyll. This is important since it detoxifies the body and prevents aging.

    Pumpkin seeds are recognized for being a natural food and rich in nutrients and with a peculiar flavor with properties that keep your life healthy. It is important for our body to complete the shortage of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Pumpkin Seed from Ecosana offers you all this in a single packet of 250 grams which is easily prepared, and allows you to stay up to date with your body preventing diseases (osteoporosis, arthritis, intestinal parasites, depression, inflammation, problems in the prostate, cholesterol, among others) and strengthening your immune system. Pumpkin Seed from Ecosana is definitely a world full of nutrients that assures you healthy well-being, and even more importantly in a small packet that keeps you energized and without sleep or fatigue.

    Recommended Use: the ideal is to consume these raw seeds. However, you can prepare them to be crunchy, toasted and with a better flavor, but when you toast them some of its properties diminish. It is optional if you want to add a little salt at the end, wait for them to be cold and then you can eat them.

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