Puffed wheat from Ecosana, in its presentation of 100 grams, is perfect as a supplement to diets for athletes as for those who wish to eliminate cholesterol. It has a dose of calories with very little sugar, so it is a typical carbohydrate intended to provide energy to the body.

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    Puffed wheat from Ecosana, ideal food to supplement the diet and to be able to regulate bad cholesterol levels.

    Puffed wheat from Ecosana is sold in packets of 100 grams. For its elaboration, the grains are submitted to a process in which heat and pressure at the same time. The result is puffed flakes of this cereal, which can be chewed without problems. In addition, they are ideal to eat during breakfast, besides it is a quite versatile snack. In addition, it contains a total of 320 calories per 100 grams, which represents a high energy source for the body of athletes who need power for running, jumping, lifting weights or performing plans based on constant repetition.

    It also has the advantage that its calories are not associated with sugars or carbohydrates that are quickly captured by the body in the form of fats. Another advantage is that it has a unsaturated fats and zero cholesterol content. This is how Puffed wheat from Ecosana prevents atherosclerosis and keeps the cardiovascular system armored. Undoubtedly, it is a 100% recommended food in every healthy diet.

    Wheat is a cereal grown over many centuries. Traditionally used in the manufacture of baked goods, it is also usable as an edible cereal after it began to be passed through the process that allows it to puff. Under this presentation, it has the advantage that it is very versatile. It adapts to an infinity of recipes and is coupled to diets of the most varied nature. In the case of sports, it is the typical food that provides calories in high quantity, but at the same time has few sugars. This allows the caloric energy to remain latent and help boost body momentum, without being synthesized as lipids that can lead to obesity. Finally, it turns out that Puffed wheat from Ecosana is grown in organic farming and possesses unsaturated fats that help to eliminate cholesterol. Thanks to the latter, it prevents cardiovascular diseases that cause so much damage to people over time.

    Facts of Puffed wheat from Ecosana

    • Sold in packets of 100 grams
    • Nutritional intake: 320 Kcal / 1341 KJ
    • 100% natural
    • Prevents cardiovascular disease
    • Provides energy for workouts
    • Obtained from organic farming
    • Contains unsaturated fats that combat cholesterol

    Puffed wheat is a succulent food whose texture delights the palate. In addition, it is a great supplement in the diets of people who exercise. Also, in people who want to eliminate cholesterol from their bloodstream.

    Recommended use: consume preferably before each sports routine, as well as consuming and taking advantage of the calories of this food. Use as a cereal, accompanying main dishes or as a simple snack.

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