Puffed millet from Ecosana is a very old cereal, used for thousands of years ago in civilizations of the East, that recognized its beneficial properties for the health of the human being. It is very rich in vitamins, minerals and other important elements to maintain a healthy diet and body.

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    Puffed millet from Ecosana, ideal for combating constipation.

    Puffed millet from Ecosana is a highly recommended product that brings to the table of millions of families a very healthy wholemeal cereal, used in a variety of comprehensive recipes. Especially in breads and food bars. This cereal is one of the most nutritious, coming from the oriental culture, able to alkalize the blood, which makes it different from many other cereals. It has been used for thousands of years as an important source of nutrients and also for its healing properties, especially for those suffering from constant stomach discomfort.

    Puffed millet from Ecosana brings 100 g of this cereal, which is more than enough to take advantage of all the beneficial properties of this cereal by including small portions of it in a variety of dishes and recipes. The fact that the millet marketed by Ecosana is puffed or inflated, as you prefer to call it, means that it brings more fiber, but at the same time more calories. It is ideal for the breakfast of the smallest of the house and the rest of the family. By being puffed, the body assimilates it more easily.

    Facts of Puffed millet from Ecosana

    • Controls constipation.
    • Regulates blood glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
    • Easy to digest.
    • Supplies important amounts of magnesium, a mineral very useful to maintain a good muscle tone and the nervous system to function properly.
    • In addition to magnesium, it is also rich in phosphorus, vital for the formation of the wall of the cells and the structure of the genetic material.
    • Antioxidant as vitamin E, important for controlling the effects of free radicals.
    • Able to alkalize the blood instead of acidifying it, like many other cereals. This special quality makes it so useful to regulate the pH in the blood.
    • Gluten free.

    Puffed millet elaborated and distributed by Ecosana, it has the peculiarity of being a product that can be said with total certainty that it is 100% natural, since it has been harvested in ecological farms, free of pesticides in the cultivation process. In addition, this cereal has been processed under the most rigorous quality standards, so you can be sure that the product you are taking to your mouth is totally healthy and will not cause any damage to your health in the long term.

    Recommended use: it is recommended to eat Puffed millet from Ecosana accompanied by other cereals and the most common is to be included in recipes for wheat flour to make bread or any other baked goods. Being a puffed cereal, it can also be consumed as breakfast and along with yogurt.

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