Olinat (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) - 750ml

Olinat (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from Ecosana is a totally natural product, of excellent quality and recommended for everyone. It can be consumed on its own or along with other dishes. Stay healthy with this excellent product rich in vitamins, minerals and, above all, in antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats.

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    Olinat (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from Ecosana, ideal for strengthening the immune system.

    Olinat (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from Ecosana provides numerous benefits to health, especially for its high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which are essential for our body. This product will be especially helpful if you need to regulate blood cholesterol levels, and at the same time improve blood circulation.

    Each container of Olinat (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from Ecosana provides 9 kcal/g that come from its fatty acids. Among these, oleic acid represents at least 68-81.5% of the total polyunsaturated oils and other components that make up this product. It is perfect for lovers of healthy foods, because, it brings all the benefits of olive, concentrated in a container of 750 ml.

    Olinat (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from Ecosana contains so many beneficial properties that should never be missing at your table. Thanks to all the benefits it represents for your health, it has been worthy of being used in more than one home remedy or beauty recipe, for skin care, maintaining its elasticity for much longer, and is also used to beautify the hair, restoring its structure and shine.

    Facts of Olinat (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from Ecosana

    • Helps weight loss.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Combats dermatitis.
    • Has anticancer properties.
    • Helps the operation of the digestive system.
    • Contributes to combat the effects of nicotine in the body.
    • Cicatrization and cleansing of the skin.
    • Relieves snoring, ear pain, gums.
    • Frying using this oil produces fewer toxic compounds, being one of the purest oils, obtained from the first cold pressure.
    • Contains vitamin E and helps bone hardening.
    • Multiple uses; including beauty recipes.

    Olinat (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from Ecosana is 100% natural, so it does not generate any kind of side effects on your health that could affect your daily performance. You can provide all the properties and benefits of extra virgin olive oil in each serving or application. Your salads and any food will be able to acquire a delicious flavor, at the same time that you can use it as a cosmetic product, since this oil is special for the care of the skin or hair, prolonging its attractive appearance for much more time. 

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, use for dressing of salads, carpaccio, pizzas and other dishes. It can also be used as a topical application, applying it to wounds and burns. On the face, as an exfoliating or make-up remover, and without forgetting that it can also be useful when carrying out a massage.

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