Natural Sesame - 250 g

Natural Sesame from Ecosana, offered to the public in packets of 250 grams, is one of the best nutritional supplements for any diet that aims to lower body lipids. Its amino acids, the large amount of unsaturated fats and its combination of minerals make many fats dissolve or eliminated.

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    Natural Sesame from Ecosana, excellent food to reduce cholesterol and benefit the heart.

    The product Natural Sesame from Ecosana is sold in a packet of 250 grams. It is a grain grown since ancient times, better known as sesame. It is a plant native to Africa. Nutritionists recommend its consumption because it is rich in protein and also provides the body with an essential amino acid called methionine. Added to this, it happens that it is one of the few plant foods that has a significant amount of unsaturated fats, which are usually found in meats such as blue fish. It is also rich in three minerals that are valuable for the nutrition of humans: calcium, zinc and iron. This is why Natural Sesame from Ecosana is characterized as a 100% natural product, cultivated through organic farming and that provides the body with a variety of substances that improve metabolism and substantially increases the quality of health.

    Sesame has long been planted in Africa and India. Since ancient times, its nutritional properties have been recognized and valued, both in the field of medicine and gastronomic. Modern medicine has discovered that it possesses the essential amino acid called methionine. This substance helps in the breakdown of fats, especially of the so-called LDL cholesterol, which accumulates in the veins and obstructs the blood flow, causing the dangerous atherosclerosis. It also provides unsaturated fats that help fulfill a function similar to that of methionine. In that sense, it is a perfect food to counteract dangers of cardiovascular types. It also has in its composition calcium, zinc and iron that help to better capture methionine. Also, this trio of minerals strengthen the structure of the bone system and keep the joints intact. For all these reasons, Natural Sesame from Ecosana is a great alternative to supplement a healthy diet and helps prevent many degenerative diseases.

    Facts of Natural Sesame from Ecosana

    • Energy value - 564 Kcal / 2360 KJ (per 100 grams).
    • Provides the amino acid methionine.
    • Prevents obesity and cardiovascular disease.
    • Rich in fibers.
    • Minerals: zinc and iron.
    • Contains unsaturated fats.
    • Large amount of protein.

    Consumption of sesame is a great benefit for humans. It provides proteins, fibers, amino acids that help eliminate harmful fats, contain unsaturated fats and a rich dose of minerals that strengthens the skeleton. Therefore, it is 100% recommended for those who practice sports with the intention of losing weight.

    Recommended use: it can be used as a complement to different foods, use for baked goods, use as cereal and many other gastronomic uses.

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