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Natural Fig from Ecosana is a product taken from ecological farms 100% free of pesticides and preserved under the most suitable techniques to safeguard the quality of the figs and to preserve your health. You can consume it in different ways along with your meals.

    Natural Fig from Ecosana, ideal for adding fiber to your meals.

    Natural Fig from Ecosana is a 100% natural fig, grown on organic farms, so you can be absolutely sure that this product is free of pesticides or any other chemical so prevalent in many commercial farms today. These figs have been preserved by traditional means so that they can be kept as fresh as possible, without having to alter their chemistry, so that they can be served at your table without having to worry about any unfavorable effect in the long run. This product may contain some traces of gluten, sesame, soy, and nuts.

    Figs are the fruits of summer par excellence. Ideal for those people who need a lot of energy and who usually perform physical activities with a lot of caloric consumption. You can eat them as snacks or included in many foods, drinks and desserts. They have notorious health advantages, especially for people prone to suffering from rheumatism, constipation or some other complications in the airways and the like. However, the main advantage of this product is that it is able to provide a lot of fiber to our diet. Fiber helps in the mobilization of feces throughout the digestive tract, so that they are expelled in a timely manner and do not accumulate in the colon, where they can release toxins harmful to the body. Each fig contains important concentrations of vitamins, especially those belonging to the B complex and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

    Facts of Natural Fig from Ecosana

    • Rich in fiber, to stimulate the proper operation of the digestive tract.
    • Provides significant amounts of calcium.
    • Contains antioxidants, so useful to slow down the aging process.
    • Its energy value is 228 kilocalories.
    • In addition to fiber, it also provides considerable amounts of carbohydrates and to a lesser extent proteins (53 g and 4g respectively).
    • This fruit has expectorant properties.
    • It can function as laxative in conditions of constipation.
    • It is advisable to include it in the diet of people with rheumatism.

    Natural Fig from Ecosana is the most advisable way to consume figs, since they have been cultivated in ecological farms, free of all contaminating agent. They are the healthiest products you can find on the market. In addition, eating figs is an excellent idea to maintain a healthy diet and also rich in nutrients and energy.

    Recommended use: it is recommended to consume Natural Fig from Ecosana at the convenience of the user. Being a natural product, without any chemical treatment that could harm health, there is no special care in its intake. You can accompany it with yogurt or vegetable milks. To vary their use, these figs can also be included in recipes such as jams or pastries.

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