Fine oat flakes - 1kg

Fine oat flakes from Ecosana is the best way to be sure of consuming oat flakes that are 100% pesticide-free. This cereal has been harvested from ecological farms and has undergone rigorous quality control processing. Take advantage of all the properties of oats thanks to this great product.

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    Fine oat flakes from Ecosana, ideal for regulating the body's sugar levels.

    Fine oat flakes from Ecosana are a good way to consume oats. Being fine flakes, you can handle them more easily and, at the same time, will be assimilated more quickly in your body. This new product provides all the beneficial properties of oats. For no one is a secret the multiple uses of this cereal, as it is an ideal ally for many treatments such as those related to weight loss and constipation. In addition, it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and other essential elements for the good functioning of the body, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber; So useful for maintaining a good digestion.

    Fine oat flakes are grains which, thanks to its special production, are easy to prepare and have a more pleasant texture for consumption. This cereal has been treated with utmost care, avoiding at all costs the use of invasive techniques containing chemicals harmful to health as pesticides and other products so common in today's commercial farms. The oatmeal is ideal to start the day with a good foot, as it provides a feeling of satiety that will make you calm all morning or, on the contrary, is also usually prepared for dinner. This is one of the most consumed cereals in the world thanks to its many beneficial properties.

    Facts of Fine oat flakes from Ecosana

    • Grown on ecological farms.
    • Per 100 g of these flakes your body would be receiving 348 Kcal. An important source of energy.
    • Helps keep cholesterol in the blood.
    • Prevents and relieves the symptoms of constipation.
    • 100 g contains 7 g of fats of which 1.3 are saturated.
    • Contributes a total of 58.7 g of carbohydrates per 100 grams consumed.
    • Provides B vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron.
    • Important source of fiber and proteins, being able to contribute from 10 to 13,5 g respectively, per 100 g.

    Fine oat flakes, in its presentation of 1 kg made by the brand Ecosana, is the ideal product to have oats at home when preparing foods. With this product you can have the peace of mind that you and the rest of your family are consuming 100% natural and matchless quality cereals. Ecosana has developed a natural product without neglecting quality.

    Recommended use: Fine oat flakes from Ecosana can be consumed in the way the user deems most convenient. With this product you can prepare drinks, breads, energy bars, creams or as ingredients in many dessert recipes and other dishes.

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