Dupuy Lentil from Ecosana, in a packet of 500 grams, is a food as natural as it is healthy. Its large amount of iron makes them ideal for raising hemoglobin and synthesizing muscle cells. It is also rich in fiber and improve the digestive system. They are also recommended for both prevention and treatment of diabetes.

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    Dupuy Lentil from Ecosana, excellent source of nutrients for optimum health of the circulatory system.

    Dupuy Lentil from Ecosana is offered to the public in packets of 500 grams. Its name derives from the fact that these grains derive from the Dupuy region in France. It is a volcanic zone at 1,100 meters of altitude. Due to such conditions, these lentils exhibit very special characteristics.

    In the first place, its enormous contribution of iron stands out. While common lentils have about 7 mg per 100 g, Dupuy's instead contribute up to 9 mg. This favors the absorption of essential amino acids to generate muscle fibers. In addition, they are very rich in fiber and favor digestion. On the other hand, they capture the fats that are consumed in the diet and eliminate them through the large intestine. In this way, they help to lose weight and prevent obesity. Perhaps, one of its best virtues is that it contains slow absorption carbohydrates, so it help to maintain stable glucose levels. In that sense, Dupuy Lentil from Ecosana is perfect for diabetics, sports people or people who simply want a healthy diet.

    Iron is a necessary food for the metabolism of humans. It is proven to help convert essential amino acids consumed in the diet into cells that make up muscle tissues. Therefore, the consumption of this mineral is recommended by those who lift weights or want to increase the volume of their muscles. On the other hand, the consumption of fibers has a double advantage. In the first place, they favor the digestive process as they facilitate the passage of food through the intestines. In addition, they have the advantage that they trap the lipids and drag them to the digestive system, thus expelling them from the body before they accumulate in the abdominal waist and other areas. Finally, slow-absorption carbohydrates are able to give energy to the body and also remain as a reserve of energy for longer before becoming fat. All this makes Dupuy Lentil from Ecosana an ideal meal to maintain a metabolism in perfect condition.

    Facts of Dupuy Lentil from Ecosana

    • Sold in packets of 500 grams
    • Cultivated through organic farming.
    • Energy value - 354 Kcal / 1482KJ (per 100 grams)
    • Provides lots of iron
    • Rich in fiber
    • Ideal for diabetics
    • Contains slow absorption carbohydrates

    It is an ideal food for a balanced diet. Suggested for those who do sports activity, diabetics, people who want to lose weight, prevent obesity and those who want to increase their muscles are able to better capture the essential amino acids obtained in the daily diet.

    Recommended use: do not need a previous soaking. Prepare by boiling them for 30-45 minutes until they are soft, or with the texture desired by the consumer.

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