Cranberry from Ecosana is a fruit that contains the most amount of antioxidant that should be consumed usually, in addition to contain many phenols. This fruit favors and strengthens the heart, prevents cystitis and reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol that works as protection against aging.

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    Cranberry from Ecosana, ideal for preventing cystitis.

    Cranberry from Ecosana has a variety of properties to take care of our health. Also, this fruit gives you many vitamins (A, D and B12) that are essential for the proper operation of the immune system. In general, the high content of antioxidants promotes the health of the urinary tract. However, there are many more benefits that are going to be detailed below.

    Cranberries provide health to the urinary tract, that is, it prevents bacteria from sticking to causing urinary tract infections. All this is due to its content in proanthocyanidins, which are effective for example, for the treatments of cystitis. They also act as antibacterial and possess in themselves antioxidants avoiding the formation of a set of bacteria that are impossible to expel through the urine. Studies have shown that taking a glass of juice every day of cranberry prevents any symptoms such as pain or anomalies when urinating and are often called cystitis, so this is how it is able to eliminate bacteria that develop in the urinary tract decreasing the disturbances in the tissues. On the other hand, cranberries contain high amount of antioxidants that prevent the premature aging and common diseases. And more importantly, it is the only fruit that contains more phenols which prevents heart disease. This fruit helps remove bacteria that are located in the mouth and are caused by dental plaque, therefore it is able to reduce the level of decay and any type of disease that may occur.

    Facts of Cranberry from Ecosana

    • Avoids the existence of cardiac problems, thanks to its content of phenols.
    • Relieves and prevents urinary tract infections.
    • Prevents cavities.
    • Helps prevent cystitis.
    • Stands out for its antioxidant content.
    • Provides a series of vitamins and minerals that provides well-being to your body.
    • Protects memory and coordination of memory.
    • Regulates the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.
    • Removes accumulated bacteria.
    • Ideal for people who suffer daily stress problems.

    Definitely, Cranberry from Ecosana offers you a variety of benefits to your body that you probably had no idea. It is important to emphasize its content in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and especially in phenols which prevents a series of diseases and eliminates a large amount of bacteria that are usually accumulated in the urinary tract and can simply not be expelled by urine. You must take into account that it can be consumed daily and you can do it in juices, yogurts and whole fruits.

    Recommended Use: it can be prepared as juice or simply consumed whole, it is advisable to consume it daily.

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