Buckwheat flakes - 500g

Buckwheat flakes from Ecosana is a product that acts as food because it contains all the necessary proteins and nutrients that provide energy for sports, it also prevents diseases and does not contain gluten.

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    Buckwheat flakes from Ecosana, ideal for improving the digestive system.

    Buckwheat contains amino acids such as lysine or methionine. It is also a product of high quality thanks to its high protein component, carbohydrates that act with great importance in our body since they are the ones that provide energy immediately, in Buckwheat flakes from Ecosana, these make its absorption slow, so that the gluten level is low. It is high in fiber providing even more than other products and is effective in normalizing the intestinal flora.

    Buckwheat flakes do not contain gluten. So it can be consumed by people who are intolerant to it. This product also encompasses a variety of amino acids essential to produce protein, a component widely used before and after some physical training as the muscles recover correctly. It contains in large amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that help the absorption of the nutrients, they contribute energy to the muscles, heart and even other organs. Its main contribution is reflected in the skin and in hair care strengthening its growth thanks to omega 6. It is important to note that it is rich in B vitamins with greater emphasis on niacin (B3). Buckwheat flakes from Ecosana comes from organic farming, avoiding the consumption of contaminants or some type of chemical.

    Facts of Buckwheat flakes from Ecosana

    • Prevents cardiovascular diseases, thanks to its contribution of fiber that reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and works for the well-being of the intestinal flora helping people with digestive problems.
    • The contribution of omega 6, acts as anti-inflammatory of the blood vessels. It strengthens hair growth and makes your skin feel cleaner.
    • Contains vitamin E and B3 that prevent oxidation and keeps the arteries healthy, regulating blood pressure.
    • High content of protein and fiber.
    • Regulates the immune system.
    • Ideal for athletes due to their quantity of nutrients and their energy supply. It also helps the recovery of muscles after exercise.
    • Product coming from organic farming.
    • Each container contains 750 grams.

    Buckwheat flakes from Ecosana is a product of organic farming, which is natural and free of additives and pollutants harmful to health. Due to its nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins and antacids this product is preventive of cardiovascular and other diseases. In addition, it provides you with the energy needed to perform sports or any routine activity. Also, thanks to the content of omega 6 strengthens the care and beauty of hair and skin.

    Recommended Use: Buckwheat flakes from Ecosana is a product that is consumed directly by adding it in juice, yogurt, salad or any other recipe.

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