In addition to being a dried fruit, Freestone plum from Ecosana is a food that concentrates all its properties even more than the ones we consume habitually, this is due to its dry texture and because they come from organic farming. This fruit helps to prevent diseases thanks to its contents of fiber, iron, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

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    Freestone plum from Ecosana, ideal for improving intestinal transit.

    Freestone plum from Ecosana is a fruit also called prune, pertaining to dried fruits. The efficiency of this dried fruit stands out in eliminating the fatigue and the constipation and it strengthens the good operation of the digestive system. Freestone plum from Ecosana contains a high fiber content which gives you a lot of energy, controls and maintains a stable blood sugar level and even lowers cholesterol. In addition, it helps chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

    It is a fruit that can be included in various foods. It is high content of potassium regulating the content of water that is in our body, avoiding the retention of liquid. It is important to say that it helps the health of the heart and liver. Prunes contain high percentage of phytonutrients which prevents the oxidation of the cells and reproduces new ones, avoiding wrinkles, aging and any line of expression. Thanks to its iron content, it contributes to overcoming anemia. It also favors the expulsion of accumulation of secretion in the lungs. Also, Freestone plum from Ecosana helps you to facilitate digestion. This product contains a high carbohydrate content that provides a lot of energy which is perfect for people who play sports or physical activity daily. Its fat content is very low.

    Facts of Freestone plum from Ecosana

    • Can fight the cough.
    • Prevents and combats constipation.
    • Helps the treatment of blood pressure.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • High percentage of phytonutrients.
    • Prunes are more nutritious than the natural ones.
    • Acts as antioxidants, preventing the damage of cells.
    • Brings a lot of energy to our body.
    • Each packet has a net content of 250 grams.
    • Ideal for athletes and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

    In addition to being just a dried fruit, Freestone plum from Ecosana provides a varied properties that are beneficial to your health. It is one of the best remedies to combat constipation thanks to its fiber content but, not only that, there are more benefits. It facilitates the absorption of iron, prevents many diseases, especially anemia. It helps the skin problems and is excellent when it comes to nails, hair, eyesight and bones, this is due to its content in vitamin A. And most importantly, the plums to be dried are transformed into prune, which contains more nutrients than the common plum, causing its properties to concentrate.

    Recommended Use: it is important to consume at least 5 grams of Freestone plum from Ecosana daily so you can get the benefits offered by this product.

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