Apple vinegar, made by the renowned company Ecosana, is obtained from the organic fermentation of fresh apples to enhance its nutritional value and obtain a first quality product made respecting the environment. Each packet contains 750 ml of vinegar and is recommended for people who wish to lose weight and favor their circulatory and digestive systems.

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    Apple vinegar from Ecosana, ideal for taking care of your circulatory and digestive system.

    Apple vinegar from Ecosana is an excellent dressing and by its properties benefits the operation of the organism. This delicious vinegar contributes to the human body vitamins of group A and B, pectin, mineral salts, essential fatty acids and 12 different minerals. This natural vinegar has depurative and diuretic properties so it can be included in diets for weight loss or control. It is recommended for people who want to take care of the health of their liver, facilitate the digestive process and control their body weight.

    Ecosana experts organically fermented fresh, ripe apples to get its rich and pure apple vinegar. This fruit is known for its antioxidant virtues and its high nutritional value. When fermenting apple, without the intervention of any type of chemical, the sugars of the fruit are transformed into malic acid and acetic acid. After this process, the delicious and nutritious organic apple vinegar is obtained. Apple vinegar has been popular over time due to its many medicinal properties and its contribution of minerals (calcium, zinc, phosphorus, tannins, iron, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, sodium, silicon, fluorine and boron). This vinegar is involved in the regulation of glucose and insulin levels in the blood, reduces appetite, promotes fat burning, facilitates digestion, detoxifies the liver, decreases fluid retention, beautifies skin and hair, controls cholesterol, cleanses the urinary tract and stabilizes blood pressure.

    Each container of Apple vinegar from Ecosana contains 750 ml. This exquisite product can be served as salad dressing and different dietary dishes or can be diluted in water to directly enjoy its medicinal benefits. This versatile food besides being consumed can be used as topical to enrich the beauty routines for the skin or hair. The properties of this vinegar work as an astringent relieving acne and leaving a healthy-looking and shiny skin. The fatty acids, vitamins and minerals present in apple vinegar repair and give life to the mistreated hair. Garnish your favorite foods with the nutritious Apple vinegar from Ecosana to delight your palate.

    Facts of Apple vinegar from Ecosana

    • Source of minerals and vitamins.
    • Promotes the circulatory and digestive system.
    • Detoxifies the liver.
    • Helps to burn fat.
    • Avoids liquid retention.
    • Benefits the skin and hair.
    • Reduces appetite.

    Consume the rich Apple vinegar from Ecosana daily to have a healthy body operating smoothly.

    Recommended use: use as a salad dressing or daily drink 1 tablespoon diluted in a glass of water.

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