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Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese - 350 g

Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium is the healthiest and lightest cheese, especially, because it is a cheese that surpasses other common cheeses with its high and rich contents of proteins. In addition, it is low in fats and carbohydrates, so it does not make you fat. Also, you can eat it grated or sliced, either with tortillas, salads, pastas, eggs, appetizers, toast, etc.

  • Gluten FreeGluten Free
  • VegetarianVegetarian

    Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium, with more protein and less fat, so you continue enjoying the authentic taste of cheese.

    The appetizing and mega tasty Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium is the most suitable and super tasty for weight loss diets, fitness or sports, since it is mostly composed of proteins, with less content of fats and carbohydrates. In addition, its flavor is incredibly exquisite, with a smoky touch, thus being exquisite to eat it with succulent sandwiches, tortillas, toast, grated on pasta, salads, appetizers and many more options. It is made entirely with natural ingredients, that is why, it is magnificently fresh.

    Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium is healthier and richer than typical cheeses, starting because it is a prodigious and authentic source of protein, and the best thing is that it has almost no fat, much less carbohydrates, therefore, when you eat it, you will not be harming your health, much less, putting your vital functions at risk. It is also a light cheese with excellent presentation and quality, because it enjoys a divine smoky flavor, which makes it super-provocative and mega tasty.

    Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium is a nourishing food that contributes incredibly up to 37% of proteins, added to it, its appetizing ingredients are entirely natural, that is, with pure cow's milk, so that its nutritional quality is really excellent, mainly, for fitness, sports, even weight-loss diets due to its low fat content. Now, it does not contain sugars, or artificial substances, therefore, it could be said that it is a super protein-rich cheese that is preserved magnificently fresh, with natural flavor, and a fairly soft consistency.

    Normally, the exquisite Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium is eaten grated, or as is, everything depends on your needs when preparing a well-deserved and tasty food, in that sense, you can eat it exquisitely sliced ​​with sandwiches, table appetizers, even, grated in salads, tortillas, on pasta, salads, fried eggs, and many other options. Definitely, dieting is not a decisive limit for you to stop eating cheese, and more, when you choose this prodigious cheese brought to you by Diet Premium.

    Facts of Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium:

    • Cheese with exquisite smoked flavor, super fresh, and mild.
    • Produced entirely with natural, unprocessed cow's milk.
    • Low in fat and carbohydrates.
    • Incredibly rich in proteins, with 12% more than typical cheeses.
    • Versatile for slicing or grating.

    Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium is delicious and very convenient if you do not want to give up either the pleasure or the divine flavor of cheese, so, do not wait any longer to delight it, and enjoy its mega delicious flavor, accompanied by the richest protein content.

    Recommended use: enjoy Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium, either grated or sliced, with sandwiches, salads, pasta, tortillas, appetizers, toast, fried eggs, lasagna, vegetables, etc.

    Questions and answers
    Yo quería saber si solo habían esos dos tipos de quesos o hay queso rallado para gratinar, y qué queso más así proteínico de esta misma marca tienen
    2020-02-03 20:16:23 Patrocinio Peruga Guerra
    Hola buenos días! Claro, tienes mas variedades, rayado, untable, en lonchas, en polvo etc.. Escribe en el buscador EAT LEAN y te aparecerá todo el catalogo de quesos. Un saludo!
    2020-02-04 10:16:24 Joel
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