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Protein cheese shaker eatlean - 500g

The authentic and delicious Powder Protein Cheese from EatLean is a highly recommended product made by the excellent brand EatLean to provide your body with more valuable protein in every intake than other traditional cheeses. In fact, you can take care of your diet and figure/physique every day, by eating this delicious food.

  • VegetarianVegetarian
  • Gluten FreeGluten Free

    Take delight in eating this healthy protein cheese, as it is the cheese richest in protein and the most lacking in fat.

    The succulent Powder Protein Cheese from EatLean is an appetizing food that you can sprinkle over your meals and enjoy it without regrets. In this case, this product has twice as many proteins as other cheeses, since it is made only from pasteurized cow's milk. As a result, it is lacking in fat and calories, and despite being a very tasty product, it is low in lactose and free of gluten.

    Powder Protein Cheese from EatLean is the most special cheese that you can find on the market, since it is a very appetizing and suitable food to be able to make the consumption of cheese more convenient in every occasion, especially in your mouth-watering meals. It is also incredibly attractive in terms of nutritional contribution, as it is prepared in a unique and very original way using pasteurized cow's milk.

    In the preparation of this excellent and delicious Powder Protein Cheese from EatLean, vegetable enzymes are basically used and the most important nutritional contribution of milk is isolated. Therefore, you get a product with much less saturated fat than other existing cheeses. In this way, this excellent food adds a very exquisite taste to your dishes without getting fat because it is light and without excess calories.

    Powder Protein Cheese from EatLean is also the favorite product of many, as it is very rich in protein and calcium. In this case, it provides up to 66 g of protein and 1,780 mg of calcium per serving, which translates into a double amount to enrich and significantly supplement your diet. If you are a sportsperson, this cheese will fascinate you as you can support the daily food consumption, and thus, keep fully fit.

    On the other hand, the flavor of this succulent Powder Protein Cheese from EatLean is really exceptional and unbeatable since it has no flavors, colorings, or preservatives, so you can completely enjoy its exquisiteness.

    In addition, Powder Protein Cheese from EatLean does not add gluten and is very low in lactose. Therefore, it is digestible and very good for your digestion. In fact, due to this quality, you can add it without worries to your most appetizing meals such as sauces, pasta, dressings, vegetable creams, etc.

    Facts of Powder Protein Cheese from EatLean:

    • Presented in powder format for easy consumption.
    • Low amounts of fats, calories and lactose.
    • Rich in protein and calcium.
    • No gluten, so it is digestible.
    • Boosts your fitness.
    • Ideal for vegetarians, athletes, or anyone who want its benefits.

    Do not deprive yourself of eating cheese, since today you can acquire this substantial and light protein cheese, that is, the most suitable to give an exquisite touch to each and every one of your meals, without worrying about fattening or impairing your lifestyle.

    Recommended use: enjoy Powder Protein Cheese from EatLean by sprinkling it over your foods, for example, pasta, sauces, creams, lasagna, garnishes, risottos, pizza, etc. It does not need to be refrigerated.

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