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Grated Protein Cheese - 180g

Grated Protein Cheese from Diet Premium is made with pasteurized cow's milk and with 100% natural ingredients, you can use them to prepare delicious snacks either after a workout or before. Now you can enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by cheese that will satisfy your cravings.

  • VegetarianVegetarian
  • Gluten FreeGluten Free

    Grated Protein Cheese from Diet Premium is high in EatLean protein (180g). A delicious and healthy snack.

    A balanced diet along with an exercise routine is essential for healthy living, and if you are an athlete or you are on a strict workout plan is important to have a diet with high protein and low fat. Grated Protein Cheese is perfect for those cravings that are forbidden for people leading a fitness lifestyle. You will not be deprived of the cheese! Yes, you read it well. Excellent news for those who are lovers of this delicious dairy derivative.

    Made with natural ingredients and without preservatives the cheese high in protein will satisfy the most demanding palates because its taste is really delicious and with only 3% fat, besides it will provide 37% protein to supplement your daily protein intake. It is ensured that you will not hesitate to try it.

    It is nice to know that you can eat a wholemeal sandwich with melted cheese after an arduous workout, but even more pleasant is to know that eating is delight will feed your muscles with the blessed protein. To get you with the craving and the desire to cook something that seems forbidden we share a very rich recipe with Grated Protein Cheese.

    You can prepare a rich chili or paprika stuffed with a high protein cheese using turkey or chicken breasts, some vegetables that you like the most and of course the delicious Grated Protein Cheese. To prepare it only preheat the oven to a medium temperature and then chop the top of the peppers and remove the seeds and veins, then proceed to saute the vegetables you chose, (it is recommended to put onion and grated carrot) in a pan with oil of olive or coconut and when the vegetables are al dente add the shredded turkey or chicken together with salt and pepper to taste. Fill the peppers with this mixture and place over the delicious and nutritious Grated Protein Cheese, put them in a special mold to bake and leave them for 45 to 50 minutes or until the paprika is tender, let it cool and serve. A perfect recipe for a delicious fitness lunch, enjoy it!

    Facts of Grated Protein Cheese from Diet Premium

    • Ingredients totally natural and without preservatives.
    • Made with pasteurized cow's milk.
    • 37% protein.
    • 3% fat.
    • 0% carbohydrate.

    It is essential not to fall into temptations that can ruin the effort you put into your training, being disciplined is part of it but sometimes you have cravings so do not hesitate to give yourself the pleasure without feeling guilty, get Grated Protein Cheese and prepare delicious dishes that will give you proteins. Now you do not have to give the cheese up you just have to enjoy it.

    Recommended use: use it as a side dish with high protein content in a meal or snack.

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