Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheese - 350g

Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheese is a delight that will make your meals truly irresistible. Unlike other cheeses this has 60% less fat, and even has 35% less calories compared to a traditional cheddar cheese. You can consume it how you want. Enjoy its wonderful flavor.

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    • Gluten Free
    • Vegetarian
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    Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheese is a delight with which you can delight with total confidence. It is delicious, soft and very nutritious. You can taste it as you like!

    Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheese is a delicacy at your fingertips that you can include in any diet. He has been exposed to a maturation process of 9 months, which has given him an incredible taste. However, it also has the advantage of being fat-free by 60% and having 35% less calories than common cheddar. You have to try this cheese in which proteins abound, which makes it ideal for all kinds of diet. It is perfect for tasting in main meals or in bites between meals. It is delicious and apt to be consumed by all kinds of people, of any age. It is also an excellent food to include in a sports diet.

    You can favor your intake of amino acids with Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheeses. A hyperproteic diet helps to eliminate excess weight, favoring the development of muscle tissues. And this cheese is perfect for you, if you are following this type of food for some reason. You can not leave it aside if you are training as it contributes with those proteins that are also a source of important energy for your body. Also, if you like to eat cheese, you have to give yourself the pleasure of enjoying its incredible texture and its unparalleled taste. Eating healthy and tasty is possible, if you choose a high quality option, like the one Eatlean offers.

    You have many options to enjoy this Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheeses. You can use it in a delicious whole-wheat pizza, in sandwiches, canapés or as the protein ingredient in a colorful salad. You should try it also in a delicious omelet, in pancakes or in a tortilla with vegetables. It will give an irresistible touch to a mashed potatoes, chard croquettes, or an exquisite lasagna. You can use it to make a sauce with avocado, ideal to taste with delicious nachos. It is an excellent ingredient to make a fondue, or to give the extra touch to delicious potatoes baked in the oven. It will also give a special taste to the filling of fresh tomatoes.

    Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheese specifications

    • It offers 33.1 g in protein.
    • It provides 14.3 g of fat that includes 8.7 g of saturated fat.
    • It contains less than 0.5 g in carbohydrates.
    • Provides 840 mg of calcium to the diet.
    • Do not hesitate to consume Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheese.

    Get this delicious food, which has a low fat level, few calories and an excellent level of protein.

    You like cheese? You have to have it in your kitchen!

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