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EatLean is a prestigious brand dedicated to the production of completely natural cheeses! With an excellent flavor, great protein value and of course, low fat to take care of your health at all times. The cheeses offered by this brand are entirely handmade but always taking care of the quality in their production.

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eatlean tasty protein cheese 350gr
Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheese - 350gEatLean
Eatlean Tasty Protein Cheese is a delight that will make your meals truly irresistible. Unlike...
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Spreadable protein cheese - 150g
Spreadable Protein Cheese - 150 gEatLean
Finally arrived! Spreadable Protein Cheese from Diet Premium is the perfect cheese for your...
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Protein cheese - 350g
Protein cheese - 350gEatLean
Protein Cheese from EatLean is a protein cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. It is shipped...
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Protein cheese eatlean - 200g
Protein cheese eatlean - 200gEatLean
Protein Cheese from EatLean is a protein cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. It is shipped...
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Protein cheese smoked eatlean - 350g
Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese - 350 gEatLean
Eatlean's Smoked Protein-rich Cheese from Diet Premium is the healthiest and lightest cheese,...
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Grated Protein Cheese - 180g
Grated Protein Cheese - 180gEatLean
Grated Protein Cheese from Diet Premium is made with pasteurized cow's milk and with 100%...
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EatLean is a brand specialized in the production of natural cheeses, made entirely by hand, but with a delicious flavor and quality. This company has a large team to ensure perfect workmanship and product quality, in order to guarantee that each and every one of the processed cheeses have the quality that every customer demands.

The main ingredient for the manufacture of their cheeses is the pasteurized cow's milk, extracted directly from their dairy farms in England, for this reason the cheeses they offer, besides having an exquisite taste, are low in fats, high in proteins and very low in lactose, are completely natural, so they do not cause any side effect when consumed.

The cheeses manufactured by this prestigious company offer a great nutritional contribution to the lives of their consumers, and it is worth noting that this product is intended for the consumption of any person, including athletes, since being made with 100% natural ingredients, they reduce the Post-workout fatigue, notably improve muscle recovery and add a large amount of protein to your dishes. For being low fat cheeses your health will not be affected, meaning you can calmly add to your daily diet the consumption of a portion of cheese without any remorse, because EatLean with its wonderful range of products, has managed to bring back the cheese to the plate of its consumers.

In its extensive range of products, EatLean offers a wide variety of cheeses to all cheese consumers. From a line of smoked products, to spreads, powders, grated products and even whole cheeses, so that each of their products can meet the needs of each consumer. Their smoked cheeses offer that exquisite taste of smoked food, which gives a special touch to everything, and EatLean knows that many consumers love that wonderful mixture between the taste of cheese and the elegance and delight of smoky flavor and aroma. And for more classic consumers, EatLean makes available traditional cheeses such as grated cheese, powdered cheese (which does not need refrigeration) and whole cheese for those who like the traditional taste of cheese in all their meals, such as the pasta, rice, omelettes, and other dishes. And for those moments of practical and faster preparations, spreads are offered, which can be combined with any food, breads, cookies or any other food of your preference.

For all tastes, for all occasions, EatLean cheeses are your best natural choice. Break the barriers and dare to include cheese without remorse again in your diets, because EatLean cares about the welfare of your health and that of your family.