Sensilube from Durex is a vaginal lubricant that will help you to take care of your intimate zone and to have more pleasurable sexual relations. Furthermore, it is a product that helps to relieves the vaginal dryness and discomfort making sexual relations more durable creating a sensual experience for both.

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Sensilube from Durex: the ideal vaginal lubricant to avoid the vaginal dryness making intimate relations comfortable, durable and pleasurable.

Sensilube from Durex is a lubricant of watery base that, among others, contains polyacrylamide, substance identified as substitute for the cervical mucus, which provides this gel with a very similar to that of the natural hydration of the organism. Sensilube gives humidity necessary in the vagina for women to recover well-being, confidence and relaxation to maintain healthy sexual relations. Transparent, odourless, not greasy, it is compatible with condoms and has been clinically and dermatologically tested, so you can use as often as you desire. Furthermore, when applying it, it immediately adapts to the body temperature. It is pertinent to highligh that women suffer from vaginal dryness in some moment of their life, and of them, only a fourth part gets to ask for medical advice. In order to relieve its effects, Durex has created Sensilube, a pharmaceutical product that recovers smoothly the humidity lost in the vaginal zone and that gives back the well-being and the natural hydration.

Sensilube from Durex has been created specially in order to recover in a smooth and natural way the lack of intimate humidity, providing softness and relieving discomfort. It has a unique texture that resembles the natural lubrication of women's body. Furthermore, it is compatible with the natural pH of the body and adapts immediately to the natural temperature of the body. It is available both in single-dose (for the internal use) and in dosing format (for external use only).

Sensilube from Durex has been tested by gynecologists and the results confirm that this intimate lubricant is tolerated by 95% of women in the proper way, without observed clinical indications of irritation. The 69% affirmed that the product enabled rediscovering sensations of the natural hydration and a 66% agreed that it facilitated sexual relations. For 64% of women that used it, the contact during the application was perfect, since it adapts to the natural temperature of the body.

Facts of Sensilube from Durex

  • Transparent
  • Odorless
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for women of all the ages
  • Compatible with condoms
  • Very effective at the moment of applying it
  • Made from the best components
  • Very satisfactory
  • Product of excellent quality

Sensilube from Durex is an important product for your intimate zone to be well-kept, and if what you need is a great vaginal lubricant. What are you waiting for? Go to buy Sensilube from Durex to make your sexual relations more comfortable, durable, pleasurable and without discomfort. Besides to take care of the sexual health is more and more common everyday, therefore this product will help you a lot. The vaginal dryness no longer will be a problem.

Recommended use: as a product for external use only, drip a drop of the product on a fingertip and apply it in the entrance of the vagina smoothly.

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