Naturals Intimate Gel from Durex is an intimate gel designed to have a natural lubrication and you can feel intimate moments soft and exciting. You will enjoy a sex more sensual, pleasant and natural, without any side effect. Besides that it does not contain fragrance or coloring, because it is a natural product.

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Naturals Intimate Gel from Durex, the gel that lets you have desire and passion, revolutionize your intimate encounters with your partner in the most natural way.

Naturals Intimate Gel from Durex is an intimate gel of the best quality, with an aqueous base formula that is compatible with vaginal pH and works with your body to hydrate your intimate areas achieving smoothness and comfort. This formula does not contain added colorings or perfumes, to avoid some allergy and reluctance and to maintain the base of the originating gel. The intimate gels are created with the aim of seeking more taste and satisfaction, that extra touch in a sexual adventure, and cut the monotony and the routine.

Naturals Intimate Gel from Durex is a 100% natural product designed to feel your partner's skin much smoother and more comfortable. This feeling of softness brings more pleasure into your most exciting moments, making your experience one of a kind. Its composition based on pre-biotics helps maintain the balance of the vaginal flora and regulate its pH, this means that maintains a balance of hydration in your intimate areas and places it in a position of maximum softness against any agent of dryness.

Naturals Intimate Gel from Durex avoids the presence of uncomfortable and even painful moments, such as a scrape and burn caused by the friction in which the skin is already dry. Nothing will prevent you from fully enjoying the exciting senses of your love encounter. The gel is applied to the intimate parts before sexual intercourse. It can be used together with the condom, since it is compatible with latex and with products containing it as sex toys and vibrators.

Facts of Naturals Intimate Gel from Durex

  • 100% natural intimate gel with pre-biotics that help maintain skin balance
  • Much more pleasant and soft feeling
  • Soft support for vaginal, anal and oral sex
  • Contains no fragrance, perfume, coloring or secondary agents
  • Supports to increase your sexual experiences
  • Can be applied on sex toys and vibrators
  • Made from the best components
  • High quality product

Naturals Intimate Gel from Durex is a recommended option for increasing your sexual abilities, to enjoy the fantastic pleasure with a softness and comfort like you never felt it. Just open the plug, remove a few drops at your convenience and apply them wherever you want, the rest is just enjoyment. Durex is one of the best brands when it comes to sexuality, with innovative products, such as natural ones, to facilitate your relationships. Try it now!

Recommended Use: as a product for external use only, apply in the intimate areas before sexual intercourse.

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