Massage and Pleasure Stimulating Lubricant - 200ml

Massage and Pleasure Stimulating Lubricant from Durex is a stimulating gel to massage and lubricate, but its main objective is to stimulate the intimate area of the female body and achieve a better sensation of smoothness and excitement in sexual intercourse and intensify orgasm. You will feel a sensation of warmth, freshness and tingling that increases the sensitivity of the intimate area.

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Massage and Pleasure Stimulating Lubricant from Durex, the gel that stimulates the bodies of her and him, making him reach orgasm in the most intense way he has ever experienced.

Massage and Pleasure Stimulating Lubricant from Durex is an orgasmic gel that stimulates the intimate part of the woman, causing both to reach intense orgasms, due to the sensitivity and stimulation that occurs in each movement and in each position that is giving pleasure, because its special formula increases the flow blood in the clitoris and will give feelings of warmth, freshness or tingling in the intimate area of her, and of him. The stimulating gel is created so that the women reach orgasm much faster and intense, because this gel acts favoring the orgasm with pleasurable sensations that do not have other gels.

Massage and Pleasure Stimulating Lubricant from Durex is formulated with exciting components that facilitate the massage in intimate moments of pleasure, helping to reach orgasm. Apply a few drops of gel on the clitoris as a preliminary act to sex or simply during this to achieve a sensation "heat-freshness-tickle", which awakens all the senses in a few moments. In addition, it helps lubricant to delay the dry environment in the intimate area, preventing frictions a little uncomfortable and even painful. The orgasmic moment will be more intense and pleasurable with the prolonged use of this sensation.

Massage and Pleasure Stimulating Lubricant from Durex a gel that arouses the enthusiasm to practice a sex more fun and pleasant because of the powerful orgasms it generates. Not only can they enjoy this experience to the full, but also they will feel everything softer and lubricated, making the contact between them much more comforting. In a test, 80% of the women who used this product reached orgasm.

Facts of Massage and Pleasure Stimulating Lubricant from Durex

  • Stimulating orgasmic gel that intensifies women's orgasms to the fullest
  • It has exciting components in its formula, which facilitate massage, giving more pleasure
  • Potent stimulant also for man
  • Formulated with Multisensate, giving a heat and freshness effect at the same time
  • Great support for pre-sex games
  • Greater sensation with few drops in the intimate zone
  • Does not stain or irritate the skin
  • Made from the best components
  • Product of excellent quality

Massage and Pleasure Stimulating Lubricant from Durex raises the level of your love encounters without any inconvenience. It is designed simply to enjoy the most with your partner. With only 2 or 3 drops begins one of the best feelings and orgasms that she can have. Durex® is a brand that has a great variety of stimulating gels and is dedicated to producing high quality products for wellness and sexual health.

Recommended use: as a product for external use only, apply 2 or 3 drops on the clitoris during the preliminaries, before or during the sexual relations. It can be used with Durex condoms.

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